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Application deadline is March 1 of each year.  The College reserves the right to extend the application period when warranted. Please contact the Admissions Office at (919) 209-2049 if you have questions or concerns.

  1. Have submitted a completed application for admission to the College and a separate application for the  Associate Degree Nursing program by March 1.
  2. Have requested official secondary and post secondary transcripts be sent to the Admissions Office before March 1.
  3. Have graduated or will graduate from high school or equivalent before entering the Associate Degree Nursing program.
  4. Attend a mandatory information session on-line OR on-campus.
  5. If accepted, nursing applicants must be Nurse Aide I certified by May 15, 2012. For Fall Admission 2012, nursing applicants must be Nurse Aide I certified by February 15, 2012.  Find out more about CNA certification. Applicants must have successfully completed a North Carolina approved Certified Nurse Aide I Program and be currently listed on the Nurse Aide I Registry with no substantiated finding of resident abuse, resident neglect or misappropriation of resident property in a Nursing Facility. The Certified Nurse Aide I Training Program must include theory, lab, and clinical components. The applicant must provide a copy of certificate of completion from an approved program. *Challenging the Nurse Aide I examination will not meet this requirement.
  6. Have attained minimum grade of "C" on two science courses (biology and advanced biology, chemistry, physics, or the equivalent). BIO 110 or CHM 131 (if one science is needed) or BIO 111 and BIO 112 or BIO 110 and CHM 131 (if two sciences needed) may be used to satisfy these requirements.
  7. Have attained a minimum grade of "C" on one course in algebra.
  8. Must have met the JCC minimum requirements for ENG 111 and MAT 080.
  9. Be interviewed by an admissions counselor by March 1.
  10. Complete the Health Occupations Test. There is an additional fee for this test.  The test will be scheduled for applicants who have met the above requirements.  You must have applied to the Nursing Program to take the Health Occupations Test (there is an application specifically for Nursing that must be completed.)  The Health Occupations Test must be taken at Johnston Community College.  Applicants may take the Health Occupations Test once per academic year and test scores are valid for two years.
  11. Submit evidence of satisfactory physical and emotional health required for participation in the Associate Degree Nursing program.
  12. If accepted, attend Nursing Orientation and be CPR Healthcare Provider (adult and child) certified prior to registration.  The CPR certification must be current and cannot lapse while enrolled in the Nursing program.
  13. If admitted, will submit to criminal background checks and drug screening as directed by affiliating clinical agencies.  Clinical agencies reserve the right to deny students access based on criminal background.  This denial will result in the inability of the student to successfully complete the program.

Application deadline for Spring Advanced Placement is August 15 of each year.

Application deadline for Summer Advanced Placement (LPN to ADN option) is February 1 of each year.

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements may be admitted to the College to remove any deficiency.

Students admitted to the Associate Degree Nursing program will submit to criminal background checks and drug screening upon admission to the program and random drug screening, as directed by affiliating clinical agencies.  Information obtained from the criminal background check could jeopardize the student's ability to participate in clinical experiences and would result in the inability of the student to complete the program.

The application for the licensure examination in North Carolina contains questions as to whether or not the applicant has ever been convicted of a misdemeanor/felony excluding minor traffic violations.  If the answer is "yes" the applicant is asked to provide an explanation.  This question is asked because of the legal requirements for becoming licensed as a nurse in North Carolina.  Similar requirements exist in other states.

The Nursing Practice Act, Article 9 Chapter 90 of the General Statues of North Carolina states that the North Carolina Board of Nursing may deny an application for licensure if the Board determines that the applicant:

  1. has given false information or has withheld material information from the board in procuring or attempting to procure a license to practice nursing;
  2. has been convicted of or pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to any crime which indicates that the nurse is unfit or incompetent to practice nursing; or that the nurse has deceived or defrauded the public.


For more information, contact:
Admissions Office
(919) 209-2128

Amy L. Feaster
Director of Nursing Education Programs
(919) 209-2033
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