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Career Services Orientation for your students

Career Services will gladly provide an orientation outlining the services offered within Career Services, including how to navigate Career Coach. We offer hands-on interactive presentations (in computer lab) or traditional presentations.

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  • Career Coach and Your Job Search (30-45 Minutes)
    • This presentation requires each student to have access to a computer
      You must arrange for the appropriate classroom space
  • Resume Writing Formats (45 Minutes)
    • This presentation provides an overview of the different resume formats and tips on how to choose the format that best fits the situation
  • Interview tips and skills  (45 Minutes)
    • How to best prepare for an interview session will be covered in this presentation
  • Social Media and Networking  (30 Minutes)
    • The DOs and DON'Ts of all social media platforms and how your use of social media can have an effect on your job search will be discussed in this session
  • Branding Yourself (30 Minutes)
    • How to present yourself in a professional manner is the topic in this presentation.
      For example, how to answer the question, "Tell me about yourself" in a way that shows off your skills and abilities in the professional world.
    • The presentation also involves creating your "elevator speech" that can be used to "sell" yourself at a Job Fair