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Registration Information

Registration Information

Registration Steps

Students pursuing degree, diploma, and certificate programs typically register and are enrolled at the beginning of a semester.  Students wishing to take fast track courses in selected programs that are scheduled to start after the beginning of a semester may register and be enrolled for those courses prior to the starting date.  Generally, students begin their program of study in the fall semester. However, entrance at the beginning of other semesters is possible when the curriculum and class schedule permit.

Students may register for certain courses to be taken in evening hours on a modified basis, as provided for in curriculum outlines and course descriptions.

Spring 2014 Registration Guide

All students are expected to register during the time scheduled for that purpose. Semester registration dates are published in the Academic Calendar and dates and procedures are announced on the home page of this Web site prior to each semester.

Entering curriculum students must be accepted for admission by the vice president of student services before beginning the registration process. Each student is assigned a faculty advisor who assists the student in planning a program of study. The faculty advisor must approve the student's proposed class schedule each semester prior to registration.

Continuing Education

The Continuing Education Registration page contains information concerning non-credit courses.

Distance Education Registration

Students who have an application on record at JCC should contact Student Services at (919) 209-2128.  If not, they will need to fill out an application for admission and will then be contacted with information on how to register.  Each distance learning course is equivalent to the on-campus sections of the same course in terms of objectives, contact, rigor, and transferability.

Course Load and Classification

Each student is responsible for being familiar with the requirements of the program of study that he or she is pursuing and for keeping account of progress towards completion of graduation requirements.

Class schedules and course loads should be carefully planned by the student in consultation with the faculty advisor. The student is expected to be familiar with all regulations set forth in the Catalog. Copies are also available in the Student Services Office.

Classifications used are as follows:

  • Full-time student - one who is carrying a minimum course load of 12 semester hours in a degree, diploma, or certificate program. The normal load for typical full-time students generally varies between 15 and 19 semester hours.
  • Part-time student - one who is carrying a course load of less than 12 hours.
  • First year student - student in associate degree program who has completed less than one-half of the credit hours required for graduation.
  • Second year student - student  in associate degree program who has completed one-half or more of the credit hours required

A student who desires to register for additional course work above the normal load for the curriculum, as outlined in the Catalog, must present a written recommendation from the faculty advisor and secure the approval of the vice president of curriculum instruction.

 Persons who wish to enroll for a special educational objective not specifically provided for in an established curriculum may be admitted and classified as special students. As such, a special student may take up to 15 credit hours of course work without meeting requirements for acceptance into a program of study. Special students are required to pay tuition and fees. Exceptions must be approved by vice president of student services.

Credit Hour Load Policy For Visiting Students

Any student attending a community college(s) shall not enroll in more than 21 credit hours per semester without prior approval of the home college. Any student enrolled in two or more colleges concurrently during a semester shall give each college complete enrollment information including the name of each college enrolled, the number of credit hours taken, the class schedule, and other relevant information.

Any student who exceeds 21 credit hours during a semester without prior approval of the home college or fails to give complete and accurate enrollment information shall be prohibited from taking courses at any community college for one academic year.

Changes in Course Registration

A student who wishes to add or drop a course after initial registration must secure the faculty advisor's approval on a Registration Change Notice form before the change can be made official with the Registrar's Office.

A student who is considering dropping a course after the last day for late registration is strongly encouraged to consult with the instructor of the course before taking further action. No withdrawals are accepted for processing after the first eight weeks of the semester without extenuating circumstances and must be signed by the department chair or appropriate vice president. Withdrawals after the first eight weeks of the semester are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Course changes must be made in accordance with the Academic Calendar.

Get Ready to Register for Classes

You should have been notified concerning your application.  If you have not applied for admission, you should report to the Admissions Office before attempting to register.

Meet with a Counselor

Site Maintenance for Colleague, WebAdvisor, e-Procurement and DocEserve Weeknights 2:50 am - 3:40 am and Saturdays 11:50 pm - 5:10 pm

If you haven't met with a counselor, you should call Student Services at (919) 209-2128 to schedule an appointment.  The counseling staff offer a variety of services and will assign your academic advisor.

Academic Calendars and Course Schedules

The academic calendar gives you all of the important dates you need for the year. 

Course schedules show you what classes are being offered and are available online .

Let's Register!

Follow the Steps to Registration and you'll be ready to start classes!

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