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  • The Associate in Applied Science degree is awarded to students who complete a two-year technical education program.
  • The Associate in Arts, Associate in Arts - Business Administration, Associate in Fine Arts, Associate in Science, Associate in Science Pre-Chemistry Pre-Chemistry Education, or Associate in General Education degree, as appropriate, is granted to student who complete the two-year college transfer program.
  • A diploma is awarded for completion of a one-year applied technology program.
  • A certificate is awarded for completion of other courses of study.

Award of Additional Associate Degrees or Diplomas

The College may award an additional degree or diploma to the student who has completed all required and elective courses specified for each additional program of study.  A student shall be given credit for having completed courses in a degree or diploma program if they are the same courses previously taken and satisfactorily completed in another degree or diploma program.

It shall be the joint responsibility of the vice president and department head to determine elective courses acceptable for transfer credit.

Changes in Curricula

During a period of transition following curriculum revision, students currently enrolled may select either the old or new curriculum as their basis for meeting graduation requirements.  Course substitutions are subject to approval of the department head and the vice president.

Students who have not attended for three or more consecutive semesters and apply for readmission to a curriculum following curriculum revision must meet the new requirements for graduation, as outlined in the current or amended catalog.

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