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Computer Skills Requirements

Before you enroll in an Internet-based or online course, you should be comfortable demonstrating the following competencies:

Computer Operation Setup

  • start up and shut down computer system and peripherals
  • identify and use icons, windows, menus
  • start an application and create a document
  • name, save, retrieve, revise a document
  • use printing options
  • insert CD-ROM/DVD-ROM and flash drive
  • copy documents from hard drive to flash drive and vice versa
  • create and name/rename subdirectories/folders
  • save, open, place documents inside subdirectories/folders
  • open and work with more than one application at a time

Setup, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting

  • protect and care for flash drives
  • clean computer components and printer
  • make backup copies of key applications and documents
  • use self-help resources to diagnose and correct common hardware and printing problems
  • install and upgrade an application
  • maintain proper operating environment for computer and peripherals
  • protect against computer viruses
  • obtain technical assistance resources from your Internet Service Provider

Word Processing

  • enter and edit text and copy and move text
  • copy and move blocks of text
  • change text format and style, set margins, line spacing, and tabs
  • check spelling, grammar, word usage
  • insert page numbers

Internet Skills

  • connect to the Internet or an online service
  • use Electronic Mail (compose, send, retrieve, read, respond, and forward messages, and attach files)
  • access and use resources on the Internet
  • obtain/maintain an account on the Internet or an online service that provides Internet access
  • install and configure telecommunications software
  • create and use group addresses for electronic mail
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