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Early Educator Certification (EEC) Renewal (CEUs): Early Childhood Education

Early Educator Certification (EEC) Renewal CEU courses

Johnston Community College Early Childhood Education has launched the next “era” of continuing education (CEU) courses for early care and education professionals. The courses are 100% online and are 5 contact hours in length for a total of .5 CEUs. Students are able to complete the course on their own time for up to two weeks! (Please note: BSAC is only one week in length.) You do not have to be a JCC student to take these courses. Costs range from $25 - $30.


  1. Complete the Continuing Education Registration Form (PDF format requires the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader). Please note: Faxing is the quickest way to reserve a seat. Print and fax the registration form to (919) 209-2189. Learn about all registration options.
  2. To register online, simply click the WebAdvisor link at the top of this page, then click on “Continue to WebAdvisor”. Next, select the Continuing Education button, and then select “Register and Pay for Continuing Education Classes”. You may search for classes using a keyword, course name, start or end dates, location, or instructor’s last name. Select the class you want, and click “Submit”. Complete the registration process. Please be advised that payment must be made using a credit card.
    Please note: If you are being paid for by an agency or your employer, you will need to complete the Continuing Education Registration Form, along with your employer/agency completing this authorization form: Sponsorship Form, which must be printed on company letterhead. Sponsored students are NOT able to use online registration.
  3. For registration assistance or questions, call (919) 209-2522 or reference the JCC CEU Student Online Guide which contains processes for before, during, and after your on-line CEU course.
  4. Please note: All on-line CEU classes must be registered for at least 5 business days in advance in order for registration to be processed.
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Course Schedule

BSAC (5 hours)

Johnston Community College is the first college in North Carolina to offer BSAC on-line. The state of North Carolina requires BSAC training for school-age professionals who plan and ensure the implementation of daily activities or supervise groups of school-age children in licensed child care programs. The modules in BSAC will cover the elements of quality care, child development, positive guidance, age appropriate activities, environmental design, health/safety, nutrition, and NC Child Care Regulations. Students will get the same information as a face to face class, but through distance learning.

Course Code: SEF-3001-145F
Dates/Days: August, 18, 2014 - August, 25, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $20

Course Code: SEF 3001 146F
Dates/Days: September, 22, 2014 - September, 29, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $20

Course Code: SEF-3001-147F
Dates/Days: October, 27, 2014 - November, 03, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $20

Course Code: SEF-3001-148F
Dates/Days: November, 17, 2014 - November, 24, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $20

Course Code: SEF-3001-149F
Dates/Days: December, 01, 2014 - December, 08, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $20

Challenging Behavior (5 hrs)

This 5-hour (.5 CEU credit) online course was designed to help the participant to understand and manage challenging behaviors of children from birth to twelve. The focus of the module will be causes and factors of misbehavior. The factors that will be considered are the environment, expectations, health of the child, and the reasons for the behavior.

Course Code: SEF-3001-152F
Dates/Days: September, 15, 2014 - September, 29, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $30

Character Education in the School Age Environment (5 hours)

This 5-hour (.5 hour CEU) online course covers a brief overview of the social and emotional development in school age children, followed by an introduction to the “Pillars” of character education. By understanding how children develop, students are better able to plan, engage, and assess the success of the character education activities in the school age environment.

Course Code: SEF 3001 155F
Dates/Days: November, 03, 2014 - November, 21, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $30

Family Partnerships (5 Hours)

What are the characteristics of a typical “modern family”? No longer is the typical family a mom, dad and two children. The typical family can be a grandmother raising her grandchildren, a single parent home, children of divorce, two working parents, etc. In this 5 hour (.5 CEU) online course, students will recognize how effective partnerships between families and staff are built, analyze types of communication skills, and list characteristics and reflect on personal challenges of today’s families in the early care and education field.

Course Code: SEF 3001 154F
Dates/Days: October, 13, 2014 - October, 27, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $30

Health & Safety in ECE (5 hours)

This 5 hour (.5 CEU credit) online course was designed to inform the participant of state mandated and best practice health and safety issues regarding young children in early childhood education settings. Students will learn about health factors (physical health, child nutrition, vaccinations, and environmental health) and safety factors (environmental safety, fire safety, general first aid, and external elements) that affect the child while in structured child care. Upon completion, students should be able to compare/contrast environmental characteristics concerning health and safety, explain specific environmental factors that impact development, and identify strategies for enhancing health and safety within the early childhood classroom.

This course will be taught as an online course and can be accessed via Blackboard. All tasks, discussion boards, and assignments will be located online. ALL students assume the responsibility of securing appropriate and reliable technology to complete the course requirements.

Course Code: SEF-3001-151F
Dates/Days: October, 06, 2014 - October, 19, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $30

Leadership in Early Care and Education (5 hours)

Someone once said, “Real leaders are ordinary people, with extraordinary determination.” Becoming a leader is a developmental process that takes time and practice. This session is designed to explore practical ways for improving staff performance, increasing morale and retention through empowerment and leadership skills. This session is designed especially for directors, administrators and professionals working on behalf of children in early care and education settings.

To register, visit
For class content information, please call Heidi Harris at (919) 209-2159 or email

Course Code: SEF 3001 153F
Dates/Days: December, 01, 2014 - December, 14, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $30

Social & Emotional Session I: Nurturing and responsive relationships

We will discover that supportive, responsive relationships among adults and children are an essential component to promote healthy social emotional development in all children. As educators, we know that children learn by achieving sense of self, taking responsibility for self and others, and behaving in a pro-social way. This session will explore the various stages in social / emotional development in young children (birth through age eight) and will encourage participant to utilize this knowledge in creating a positive social & emotional “classroom community” in their own classrooms. (. 5 CEUs)

Course Code: SEF-3001-150F
Dates/Days: September, 08, 2014 - September, 21, 2014
Location: Online
Registration Fee: $30


For more information, contact:

Heidi Harris
Coordinator for School Age Education and Teacher Renewal Programs
(919) 209-2159

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