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Student clubs and organizations are permitted to conduct occasional sales of food items for club fund raising purposes provided that the food items offered are:

  • not in direct competition with breakfast and lunch meals offered by the campus food service and
  • the sales are not in conflict with State Health Services regulations.

The sale of minor food items, such as cakes, pies, cookies, doughnuts, or candy is permitted on an occasional basis during morning and afternoon hours in the area near the Bookstore.

The sale of other food items during breakfast and lunch hours when the campus food service is in operation is prohibited. Other foods include such items as chicken pastry, Brunswick stew, soup, sandwiches, ham biscuits, hotdogs, hamburgers, and similar foods offered by the campus food service. However, these other food items may be offered for sale by student clubs and organizations on an occasional basis between 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm in the Student Lounge. Food sales are to be conducted in the north area of the Student Lounge.

The use of the campus food service kitchen facilities, equipment, and serving line is strictly prohibited in accordance with State Health Services regulations.

All food sales or other items are subject to approval of the administration. Requests must be submitted to the Student Services Division.

The sale of food and other items for club fund raising purposes is subject to approval by the administration prior to the sale. Requests must be submitted to the Student Services Division at least one week in advance.

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