About JCC Foundation

Purpose, Mission, and Values


The College Foundation is established and operated as a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation subject to the provision of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and G. S. 55A-1-01 et seq. of the laws of the state of North Carolina. The College Foundation exists as per the authority of the Board of Trustees of Johnston Community College which established the College Foundation in 1982. It is administered as an independent board of directors who serve voluntarily and without compensation.

The College Foundation and its board members coordinate private giving to the College – identifying, receiving, and managing gifts, bequests, and financial resources from private and corporate sources.

The College Foundation is a well-established, viable, and secure nonprofit organization serving current, past, and future students; faculty and staff; and indeed the entire community.

Steered by dedicated business, civic, and public leaders, the College Foundation provides a means for local and regional community-based citizens to take an active role in promoting the future of Johnston Community College and assuring its continued success.


To promote and develop gift support for Johnston Community College through solicitation of private contributions and the prudent management and investment of such gifts for enhancement and advancement of the College, its programs and activities, and for student educational loans, scholarships, and grants.


The College Foundation values honesty and integrity in its relationships with the College, donors, and the community. The College Foundation will provide a portfolio of giving opportunities within a framework that respects the desires and charitable choices and preferences of our donors.

The College Foundation provides assistance to prospective donors through a comprehensive program of tax-wise gift alternatives through planned giving and estate planning, while respecting the professional legal and fiscal counsel representing each donor.