College-Wide Support from the Foundation

Support from the College Foundation

Your gifts to the College Foundation go to support the College in many ways, including but not limited to:

Grants and Scholarships

Each year the College Foundation administers over $250,000 in scholarships from more than 120 different endowments, annual scholarship awards, and unrestricted funds.  In addition, there are scholarship award programs which enable the College to attract and serve students with special talents, to acknowledge and reward academic, leadership, and athletic performance, and to respond to emergency student assistance needs.

Faculty/Teaching Support

The College Foundation provides financial assistance in the form of grants to faculty and staff in response to submitted proposals, to improve the academic accessibility and the learning environment for our students and provide for program enhancements.  In addition, the College Foundation provides other resources to enhance learning resources available at the campus and educational centers and to assure exceptional teaching/learning experiences.


The College Foundation provides financial support to promote the mission of the Arboretum and provide a dynamic, aesthetic display of cultivated and native plants adapted for environmentally-sound landscapes for education, pleasure, aesthetic, and research resources for the community.

Howell Woods

In 1993, the College Foundation received a gift of a 2,800 acre property from Rudolph Howell.  This wonderful and generous gift allowed the College to create the Rudolph Howell and Son Environmental Learning Center, known as Howell Woods. Howell Woods provides a natural forest, river, wildlife, outdoor educational, and recreational resource for the people of North Carolina that is truly extraordinary and that is actively managed by the College.  The Foundation maintains an endowment to support Howell Woods.

Performing Arts

The College Foundation recognizes the importance of performing arts to the people of Johnston County and the surrounding region and thus provides financial support for enriching the Performing Arts Concert Series, the Country Music Showcase, and other Performing Arts events for our community.  The Foundation receives endowment funds to support the Performing Arts.


The College Foundation knows the importance of building a corpus for the future – and not just allocating dollars for the present - and has built up endowments that are now worth well over $3.5 million.

Student Leadership

The College Foundation recognizes the importance of building current and future leaders in the community, in careers, and in public service and supports campus programs to build student leadership and volunteer service.

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