Stewardship and Donor Rights

The Johnston Community College Foundation has had audits performed for each year of operation separate from the audits of the College. The College Foundation has experienced unqualified audits annually. The audits are shared with the independent College Foundation’s Board of Directors, along with monthly and quarterly accounting and other fiscal reports which are properly acted upon.

The College Foundation takes its responsibility for stewardship of funds very seriously. We know it is extremely important to you, as someone who would invest your generosity in the College, that we be fully and completely accountable. The act of giving voluntarily underlies our stewardship responsibilities and standards.

We recognize the importance of discerning a direction for each person’s philanthropy that honors and respects you, as the donor, and as appropriate, your family.

We have a solemn obligation. The obligation, stated simply, is to have the highest degree of accountability to those to whom we are responsible — the public and the citizens of Johnston County and of North Carolina — and to continue to merit your trust and confidence in us.

Our stewardship plays an important role in communicating to donors about the impact of their gifts to the College — and to people’s lives. Where applicable, donors may also learn details on specific activities funded, such as students who received a scholarship due to their private support, or recent events and progress culminating from gift support.

At Johnston Community College, we see stewardship as the process by which we seek to be worthy of your continued philanthropic support.

Accordingly, our stewardship calls for:

  • Timely and accurate acknowledgement and reporting of gifts
  • Adherence to donor intent and desires
  • Providing refunds at the discretion of the JCC Foundation
  • Prudent management and investment of donations to maximize gift capacity
  • Preparation of gift receipts for tax purposes
  • Communication of the progression of earnings based on gifts
  • Effective and efficient use of funds for operational and support purposes
  • Reaffirmation of appreciation for all gifts received

Statement of Ethics

Staff, Board members, volunteers, and other individuals engaged in gift support programs and activities for the Johnston Community College Foundation are expected to maintain the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. 

We strive to:

  • Demonstrate sincere ethical behavior in the full performance of responsibilities, while engaging in the spirit of teamwork
  • Exhibit the utmost respect for the College and the College Foundation, as well as respect for colleagues, students, alumni, and our public citizenry
  • Participate actively in those resource development programs and activities that are in the best interest of donors and the College
  • Avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest and compromise of integrity, whether in personal or professional life
  • Monitor the retention and disposition of information regarding donors, use of gift funds, and other communications in a prudent manner
  • Hold confidential all donor personal and financial information in accordance with administrative policy, federal, and state law, as well as sound donor relation practices

Donor Bill of Rights

We fully subscribe to the Donor Bill of Rights which is endorsed by the American Association of Fund-Raising Council, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education, and the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Foundation Investment Policy

The College Foundation has established an Investment Policy that is reviewed annually and monitored by the Finance & Investment Committee. 

The Investment Policy identifies the Goals and Objectives of the Foundation with regard to its financial assets and pertaining to asset management and donor-restricted assets.

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