Major Donors - Cumulative Giving

President's Society

All corporations, charitable organizations and individuals who have initiated and fully funded one or more Named Endowment Funds at or exceeding the $10,000 threshold and are considered by the Johnston Community College Foundation as members of the President's Society. In addition, any person, firm or organization with a cumulative giving history to the Foundation exceeding $10,000 is included in the membership.

The gifted amounts are considered as cumulative for the purpose of this recognition and acknowledgement.  For purposes of identification of membership in the President's Society, the College Foundation maintains a current listing  and incorporates the name of additional members at least quarterly.

Within the President's Society, the College Foundation has established three tiers based on cumulative monetary, in-kind and/or material gifts over time.

Founding Members - Cumulative Gifts of $10,000 to 50,000

Enhanced Members - Cumulative Gifts of $50,000 to 100,000

Eminent Members - Cumulative Gifts of $100,000 and Over

The Board of directors expresses its sincere appreciation for the gift investments made to our College Foundation - at whatever and all amounts!

The Board of Directors establishes a program of recognition for members of the President's Society, including invitations to all Foundation special Events and programs. While each and every gift of the College Foundation in significant and appreciated, the Board of Directors expresses its utmost gratitude to those individuals, companies and organizations for the cumulative nature of the gifts and the generosity of the gift investments.

Eminent Members ($100,000 and Over)

  • Earl and Dot Helms
  • Rudolph and Nell Howell
  • Ross and Faye Lampe
  • Madeline Peele

Enhanced Members ($50,000 - $100,000)

  • Lorraine Cooper Estate
  • Julia and Walter Elsee
  • Ayden and Betty Lee
  • Robert P. Holding Foundation

Founding Members ($10,000 - $50,000)

  • Anonymous
    (Community Foundation of Gaston County)
  • David and Carol Arnn
  • Cleo Austin
  • Fred and Carolyn Brink Estate
  • Adam C. Casey
  • James and Romona Cash
  • Suzanne Benton Cook
  • Max and Lynda Creech
  • William A. and Sally Creech
  • Selma W. Davis
  • Edwin and Janet Dinnsen
  • Vivian Finch
  • John and Frances Hobart
  • Ella Ann L. and Frank B. Holding Foundation
  • Frank and Ella Ann Holding
  • Deacon and Faye Jones
  • Street Jones
  • Rose D. Lampe
  • David and Joyce Lee
  • Denton and Jane Lee
  • Harold and Margaret Medlin
  • W. E. Parham
  • Curtis and Mary Lee Phillips
  •  Pat Proctor
  • Donald and Mary Reichard
  • John Shallcross
  • Mokie and Betsy Stancil
  • Wayne H. Stockdale Estate
  • Jeff Sugg
  • Lois Tart
  • Ritchie and Louise Wall
  • Allen and Cissie Wellons
  • Sherwood Williams

Membership as of January 31, 2008

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