Student-Centered Support from the Foundation

Johnston Community College serves over 19,000 students in an academic year.  The students are highly and wonderfully diverse in age, background, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status, as well as in educational interests and training needs. 

  • Many students have financial needs that may keep them from continuing their education or acquiring needed training, even though the tuition fees are comparatively modest. 
  • Many students will enroll for one semester, as they can afford it, and then drop out for a period of time to accumulate sufficient funds to re-enroll. 
  • Other students may not even apply for college, or may set aside their educational dreams, simply due to their lack of resources for education. 

Unlike at a public or private university, community college students are usually self-supporting, and many struggle daily with financial matters.

The College Foundation has a vision that no student of Johnston County will be denied the opportunity for a college education and for career training simply because of insufficient financial resources.

In addition, because of constantly increasing limitations on basic revenues, Johnston Community College increasingly relies on private donor support to maintain and expand desired programs and services.

  • Our technologically-based programs demand current equipment and labs, as well as constant updates to curriculum and instructional materials.
  • Community-based programs and services like our various Performing Arts series, Arboretum, Howell Woods, and the Workforce Development Center require sponsorships and financial support to assure high quality programs, events, and services that reach out to the public.
  • There continue to be capital and other physical plant needs that simply cannot be met with public funds.

Indeed, increased student enrollments place more and more demands on the College’s facilities, programs, and support services without adjustments to the essential funding base.

The College Foundation has a vision that Johnston Community College will continue to expand and extend its programs and services, and that private gift support will provide that margin of difference to enhance the quality of life and assure excellence.

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