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GED Preparation Classes

The GED Preparation program allows individuals to earn the GED Diploma through completion of the five official GED Tests including:
  • Language Arts/Reading
  • Language Arts/Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Introducing GED prep online!!!
You must have reliable internet access to enroll.
For further information, call Tovoya Dobbin at (919) 209-2122 or email at

Information for Adults (Ages 18 and older)

Your First Step…
Young woman studying Placement testing and orientation for the Adult High School Diploma (AHS) and GED Credentialing

Placement testing is required for entry into all Basic Skills programs.
Students should choose one testing session to attend. Sessions are offered in on the main campus in the Elsee Building, Room 135. You do not need to make an appointment prior to coming to a testing session.

  • We operate in an open lab setting; therefore, first come, first served basis.
  • The placement test will take you about an hour and a half to complete.
  • Children and guests are not allowed into the testing session with you.
  • Students are required to bring a picture ID with your name, picture and date of birth.
  • Please plan on staying 1.5 hours and finishing by closing times listed.
  • There is no cost for placement testing.

Daytime Assessments:

Wednesday and Thursday (8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)
Walk-ins accepted within this timeframe.

Evening Assessments:

Tuesday or Wednesday (5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.).
Walk-ins accepted within this timeframe.

After completing the assessment, students are given the day/time for orientation.


Orientation is offered both day and evening for your convenience. Students should again bring their picture ID.
Please plan on staying at orientation for 2 hours.
During orientation students will receive your assessment scores, learn about both the GED and Adult High School program and receive your class schedule.

For questions regarding placement testing, orientation, and class scheduling, contact:
Jessica Rieger, at (919) 209-2065 or
Thomas Currier, at (919) 209-2564 or
Tovoya Dobbin, at (919) 209-2122.

Following placement testing, a student would take the GED Practice Tests to determine readiness to take the actual tests for the GED Diploma.
Students are eligible to take the GED once minimum scores have been met in each of the Practice Test areas.
The GED program is open to adults age 18 and older.
Please see the information on placement testing – this will be your first step to enter the GED credentialing program.

Information for Underage Students (Ages 16-17)

Students ages 16 and 17 are not guaranteed admission into the Basic Skills Program. Students age 16 or 17 who are currently enrolled in high school are encouraged to contact their counselor or advocate prior to withdrawing.
Johnston County Schools (JCS) offers a wide variety of alternative credit programs, and students ages 16 or 17 are strongly encouraged to learn of other options within JCS before withdrawing and applying to our Adult High School program.

Students ages 16 and 17 must complete and return an application package. Packages may be picked up in the Elsee Building lobby on the main campus.
After collecting the required documentation, students must return their application package to Dr. Angela Kearney’s office located in the Wilson Building, Academic Skills Center. Application packages will be reviewed, and students will be contacted regarding their admission application. Perspective students under the age of 18 must meet specific eligibility requirements for entry PRIOR to taking the placement test.

Please contact Dr. Angela Kearney (919) 209-2531 for underage student information.

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

The goal of this program is to provide opportunities to improve reading, math, and language skills for entry into Adult High School, GED, College curriculum programs, or simply to improve skills for personal satisfaction.

The program is FREE OF CHARGE and open to individuals age 18 and older.
Students that are 16 or 17 years old may enroll under special circumstances.

To enter this program, please see the above information on placement testing, as this will be your first step.

ABE & GED Credentialing class locations include:

  • JCC/Smithfield Campus (ABE/GED/AHS/ESL/CED)
  • JCC/Cleveland Center (ABE/GED/CED)
  • Workforce Development Center, Clayton (ABE/GED/ESL)
  • Kenly Center (ABE/GED)
  • GED Online (Students must score high enough on the placement test to utilize this option)
  • Johnston County Industries, Selma (ABE/GED/CED)
  • Showers of Blessing Community Church, Cleveland Community (ESL)
  • Johnston County Industries, YES I CAN Program, Smithfield (ABE/GED)
  • Benson Town Hall (ABE/GED/ESL)


Bryan Williamson
Lead GED Instructor
Phone: (919) 209-2084

Sherri Shears
Lead ABE Instructor
Phone: (919) 209-2073

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