Getting Started in an Online Course

Step 1: Log in to WebAdvisor at JCC:

In order to log in to any JCC Student Online Account including Blackboard, and JCC Student Email, you must have a current WebAdvisor Log in. Due to security settings, all users must choose a new password every 90 days. If you are having log in issues, first try to reset your WebAdvisor password by following these steps:

1. Find your User ID by visiting the What's My User ID page.
         *You will enter your Last Name, and
         *Your Social Security Number OR your Student ID.
2. Find your JCC Student ID on your Student ID Card, your class schedule sheet, or on your Welcome Letter.
3. Set your Password on the Set or Reset Password page. Keep your password safe and never share it with others.
        A) Enter your User Name, and your Student ID.
            Your User Name is your first & middle initial + your last name.
            Example: John Michael Smith would be: jmsmith
        B) Enter your birth date and zip code
        C) Choose a password.
             Your password must contain 8-10 characters.
             You must include a combination of upper and lowercase letters and numbers
             You cannot include more than 3 characters from your user ID.
        D) Choose a security Question and answer.
            Make sure you remember the answer to your security question! If forgotten, you must call the JOLT
            Help desk during regular business hours - M-TH 7:30-6; FRI 7:30-3 (Closed Fridays during summer
            semester) - to have a JOLT staff member reset it for you.

You're good to go! Log into WebAdvisor, Blackboard, and JCC Student Email using the same User ID and password.

Step 2:   Locate your course in BlackboardBlackboard log in graphic

Find your courses in the "My Courses" box on the "My Institution" page. Click the name of your course. If your course is not there, don't worry! The course will be made available at 8:00 a.m. on the day classes begin. Allow 24 hours from the time of registration to access. If you still don't see your course link after that time, contact the Admissions office at (919) 209-2128.

Step 3: Explore your course menu items and follow your Instructor's directions

Explore all of the course menu items within the course. You will find: Syllabus, Instructor contact information, Grade center, JCC Email, and more. You will also see a button for an Enrollment Verification Quiz. All online students must complete this short quiz within the first few days of the course to fulfill JCC enrollment verifications. The quiz is only for participation and is not graded.

If you are new to distance education, have never taken a Blackboard Learn course, or need a refresher, begin with our JCC Blackboard Student Orientation.

If you experience technical difficulties, a Blackboard 24/7 Help desk is available. You may submit a trouble ticket, contact by phone, or live chat.