Purpose, Vision, and Mission of Performing Arts


Present a rich array of culturally diverse performing arts programming for Johnston County and the east central North Carolina corridor in order to educate, enlighten, enrich and entertain citizens and patrons of all ages, while providing leadership and support to advance cultural/performing arts and nourish appreciation for various art forms in the community.


Become the recognized cultural hub and authority for Johnston County and the surrounding region for cultural enrichment through performing arts, while being widely renown for excellence in creative programming, education, collaboration, responsiveness and leadership development of the arts, and as a center for professional and emerging talent.


Johnston Community College, and truly Johnston County and the east central North Carolina corridor, are blessed to have the Paul A. Johnston Auditorium to showcase the performing arts through an abundance of musical and other artistic performances. With this extraordinary capital resource on campus, the College strives to be a community leader in promoting cultural and artistic awareness and appreciation through concerts, showcase performances, artistic series, special events, community engagements, facility rentals and educational programs.

Though Performing Arts as an auxiliary enterprise, the College enriches lives and demonstrates its commitment to holistic education and community development, while broadening the artistic talents available in the region and stimulating economic development and tourism growth. The College seeks to weave various recurring performance series, including the Performing Arts Concert Series and CMS 'Where Stars Get Their Start', with an expanding Community Engagement Series into an artistic convergence, while providing an abundance of opportunities to explore the arts with complementary educational programming.

The College envisions Performing Arts as a cultural focus not a physical plant, and embraces the Auditorium as a community and county-wide asset not a geographic location or a structural venue. Accordingly, the College seeks to reach a balance between holding performances fully responsive to the musical and entertainment desires and references of patrons and the larger community, and offering performances that demonstrate the broader diversity of artistic programming and that stretch the musical awareness and appreciation of audiences young and old.

Through Performing Arts, the College seeks to:

Community:  Based College: Reflect the Mission of Johnston Community College as a community-based institution striving to be a caring and committed provider of educational services to the community and region, and as a center for educational excellence and economic development;

Diversity: Serve culturally and ethnically diverse audiences with a varied array of outstanding national, local and emerging talent performances, while inspiring audiences to engage and appreciate familiar and unfamiliar variations of contemporary, traditional and classical programming;

Collaboration: Collaborate with arts agencies, other performance venues, school systems and colleges/universities to assure innovation and creativity between and among the diverse players in bringing art and artistic expression to the public;

Artistic Expression: Enhance the cultural milieu of the east central corridor of North Carolina, while affirming that the College is a regional attraction and destination site and is uniquely positioned to impart the qualities of artistic creativity and expression that contribute to development of the whole person and understanding of the human spirit;

Growth and Vitality: Foster the importance of the performing arts for community development and for the economic growth and vitality of the region, particularly to enhance the quality of life and attract corporate, convention and visitor commerce;

Seasoned and Emerging Artists: Provide an inspiring venue and support facilities for professional, seasoned and emerging artists and company performances, as a cultural arts and arts education destination for Johnston County residents and the surrounding region;

Cultural Legacy: Respect the attitudes and values of the community, region and State and of the region's history and cultural legacy as reflected in music, fine arts and other forms of creative programming and artistic expression;

Arts in Education:  Advocate furtherance of the arts in educational planning, programming and instruction of the College and for other County educational systems, public agencies and community developments; and

Fiscal Responsibility: Assure fiscal accountability and cost-effectiveness for all programming, while balancing the need for recovery of expenses and revenue generation, with price affordability and public access, and while enabling expanded series opportunities through sponsorships, grants, cooperative ventures, patron investments, private gift support and innovative management strategies.