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Upcoming Events

45th Anniversary Tribute Concert

It's time to celebrate 45 years of excellence at Johnston Community College!!! The Nu-Tones, Dr. David Johnson, The Hall Sisters and other special guests will perform a variety of BillBoard hits from ...more...

September 13, 2014 at 07:00 PM
Buy Tickets$20.69 in advance

An Evening with Molly Ringwald

On Broadway, audiences have embraced her in Cabaret, as well as in Enchanted April & Modern Orthodox. Off-Broadway, she received rave notices for work in Jonathan Larson’s tick, tick… BOOM!, & she tou...more...

September 19, 2014 at 07:00 PM
Buy Tickets$26.00 in advance;
$27.50 at the door

CMS presents Spiritual Songs


October 03, 2014 at 07:00 PM
Buy Tickets$13.50 in advance;
$15.00 at the door

October 04, 2014 at 02:00 PM
Buy Tickets$11.00 in advance;
$12.50 at the door

October 04, 2014 at 07:00 PM
Buy Tickets$13.50 in advance;
$15.00 at the door

Technical Information

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Ken Mitchell, Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Enterprises
(919) 209-2112

Shaun Braswell, Events Coordinator /Technical Director
(919) 209-2508

Kim Chandler, Auditorium Technician
(919) 209-2111

Krista Smith, Box Office
(919) 209-2139

Venue Information:

The Paul A. Johnston Auditorium was constructed in 1989 and is the largest auditorium in Johnston County. The auditorium hosts an annual Concert Series featuring classical, family, nostalgia and country/bluegrass performances. It is also home to the County Music Showcase, which is an in-house production aimed at showcasing the best in local and regional talent.


The Paul A. Johnston Auditorium is located on the campus of Johnston Community College in Smithfield, NC. We are situated at the intersection of US Business 70 and I95 exit #95.

House Policies

  • Event Personnel: For all performances taking place in the auditorium, the following crew members are required. One (1) Technical Director, two (2) Ushers, one (1) Stage Hand and one (1) Security Officer.
  • Event Entrance: Production personnel will enter through the Loading Dock entrance located upstage SR. House doors typically open thirty (30) minutes prior to curtain. Individuals not directly related to the production will not be allowed onstage or backstage. Access to dressing rooms during a performance is through the loading dock. For safety precautions, audience members will not be allowed onstage after a performance.
  • Decorations: At no time shall decorations or equipment be placed in or on the building, walls or corridors, nor shall any signage be supported by nails, tacks, screws or tape on walls, doors, railings or woodwork without prior approval from the Technical Director. Painting, staining and other scenic treatments are not allowed in the auditorium. Helium balloons are not permitted in the building.
  • Food & Drink: Food and drink are prohibited from the stage, house and dressing rooms with the exception of bottled water. Food and drink are allowed and must stay in the Green Room located adjacent SL. All buildings on campus are smoke free.
  • Internet: Wireless internet access is available in the auditorium and the lobby.

Special Effects

The use of pyrotechnics or open flames are not allowed in the building. The use of fog and chemical haze are permitted but must be monitored by the Technical Director. The fire alarm will sound if the effect becomes too thick.

Stage Info & Measurements

Seating Capacity

Total capacity: 1,011 seats, including 18 removable seats, which are distributed along the cross aisle, row L of sections 1, 2 & 3 to provide space for wheelchairs.


  • Proscenium Height: 25’-9 ¼”
  • Proscenium Width: 51’-3 ½”


  • Stage to Top of Grid: 55’-10 ½”
  • Plaster Line to Rear Wall: 39’-5”
  • Center Line to SL Wall: 40’-4”
  • Center Line to SR Wall: 40’-4”
  • Minimum Headroom Above Grid: 7’-7”
  • Plaster Line to Downstage Edge of Apron: 6’-1”
  • Downstage Edge of Apron to Downstage Edge of Pit: 10’-9”

Stage Floor

The stage floor is constructed of 1 ¼” edge grain southern pine. The pine is installed over plywood over 2 x 4 runners over resilient pads. It is not raked. The area of the stage floor behind the proscenium is 3300 sq. ft. When the apron is extended to cover the pit, the area is increased to 3915 sq. ft.

Orchestra Pit

The pit provides 384 sq. ft. of floor area for 20 to 25 musicians. The pit entrance is Stage Left (SL) and is 33” wide. Entrance can only be made through the house.

Width: 42’ 5”
Depth: 10’ 9” at center
(Removal of pit must be scheduled in advance by at least 1week.)

Rigging System

Type: Secoa counter weighted arbor system
Number of Lines per Sets: 30 plus FC, 2 tormentors and spares
Number of Lines per Set: 6
Length of Battens: 60’-0”
Fly Gallery Location: Stage Left
Locking Rail: Stage Left Floor
Act Curtain: Traveler operated manually from Stage Left
Tormentors: Traveler mounted downstage of proscenium
Travelers and Side Legs: Track mounted

Sets (Dimensions: Width X Height unless noted otherwise)

0’-0” Plaster Line
FC 0’-5” Fire Curtain 54’-8” X 27’-10”
01 0’-11” Teaser (plum) 60’-0” X 12’-0”
02 1’-9” Act Curtain (plum) 60’-0” X 27’-0” (cannot be moved)
03 3’-1” Projection Screen (cannot be moved)
04 4’-9” First Electric
05 5’-5” First pair of side legs (black) 13’-6” X 27’-0”
06 6’-1” First overhead shell truss batten (cannot be moved)
07 6’-9” First Border (black) 60’-0” X12’-0”
08 7’-5” First Scenery Batten
09 8’-1” Second Scenery Batten
10 8’-9” Third Scenery Batten
11 10’-9” Second Electric
12 12’-1” Fourth Scenery Batten
13 13’-5” Second pair side legs (black) 13’-6” X 27’-0”
14 14’-1” Second Border (black) 60’-0” X 12’-0”
15 15’-5” Second overhead shell truss batten (cannot be moved)
16 17’-5” Fifth scenery batten
17 18’-1” Sixth scenery batten
18 18’-9” Seventh scenery batten
19 19’-5” Mid-Stage Traveler [3rd side legs(black)] 60’-0” X 27’-0” (fixed)
20 20’-9” Third Electric
21 21’-1” Eighth scenery batten
22 22’-9” Third border (black) 60’-0” X 12’-0”
23 24’-1” Third overhead shell truss batten (cannot be moved)
24 24’-9” Ninth batten
25 25’-5” Fourth pair side legs 13’-6” X 27’-0”
26 26’-9” Tenth scenery batten
27 28’-1” Fourth Electric
28 29’-5” Eleventh scenery batten
29 30’-9” Rear traveler (black) 60’-0” X 27’-0” (cannot be moved)
30 31’-5” Cyclorama (sky blue) seamless muslin 60’-0” X 27’-0” (fixed)
SL Tormentor (plum) 8’-0” X 29’-0” (cannot be moved)
SR Tormentor (plum) 8’-0” X 29’-0” (cannot be moved)

Orchestra Shell

The overhead shell consists of three 60’-0” long flown Wenger adjustable panels. The first two panels are 8’-0” wide and the third is 6’-0”. The side towers consist of 16 adjustable and stackable Wenger units on casters. The side tower units are 6’-0” wide and are 13’-4” high when fully extended. Half are provided with tapered tops and half are with rectangular tops.


The load-in door is located upstage at SR and leads through the mechanical room to the exterior loading platform. The loading door is 8’-0” wide and 9’-6” high.

Dressing Facilities

Two general dressing rooms are available upstage. One is entered right of center stage, contains 308 sq. ft. and has 25 linear ft. of counter tops with lighted make-up mirrors. The other is entered left of center stage, contains 371 sq. ft. and has 39 linear ft. of counter tops with lighted make-up mirrors. Both have adjoining toilets with shower. In addition to these dressing rooms, a 92 sq. ft. VIP dressing room, with counter top and make-up mirrors is also available. Entrance is SR. Food and drinks are not allowed in the dressing rooms except for bottled water. Movable clothes racks are available in all dressing rooms.

Green Room

The green room is located off the SL vestibule and provides 370 sq. ft. of space with a refrigerator


Power is 120/208V three phase four wire 3 parallel runs of 4 #300 MCM in each of the three 3” conduits to 800A 3 pole fused switch. Fused switch serves dimmer panel.

The LMI RD2400 dimmer bank includes two bays. The first bay consists of 96 each 20A stage circuit. The second bay consists of 58 each 20A stage circuits, 26, each 20A house circuits and 4 each 20A stage and utility lighting circuits. There are 4 each RD-2034A blank dimmer modules and 92 each RD-2400 dual 20A dimmer modules.

House Lights are controlled from both Control Rooms, Stage Left, and the storage room along House Right entry ramp.

Dimmer Control Board

ETC Express 72/144 lighting console: Scenes may be created, programmed, stored to memory, and recorded to disk. Bump keys, solos, chase scenes are also available.

Maximum Channels_144
Two Scene Channels_72
Channel Faders_144

Lighting Locations

First Electric: 52’-0” long w/ 32 outlets and 20 circuits (dim: 55-74)
Second Electric: Same as first electric (dim: 75-94)
Third Electric: Same as first electric (dim: 95-114)
Fourth Electric: 52’-0” long w/24 outlets and 16 circuits (dim: 115-130)
SR Tormentors: 8 20A circuits (dim: 139-146)
SL Tormentors: 8 20A circuits (dim: 147-154)\
Front Catwalk: 27 20A circuits (dim: 28-54)
Rear Catwalk: Same as front (dim: 1-27)
Floor Pockets: Six – 3/Down-Mid-Up SL (Dim: 132, 134, 136)
3/Down-Mid-Up SR (Dim: 131, 133, 135)
Rear Wall: Two- (Dim: SR_137 and SL_138)

********************All Instruments and Circuits use 3 Pin Connectors***************

Lighting Instruments Available

8 _ Altman 6” x 9” ellipsoidal
28 _ Altman 1KL-10 degree ellipsoidal
32 _ Altman 1KL-30 degree ellipsoidal
16 _ Altman 1KL-40 degree ellipsoidal
36 _ Altman 6” Fresnels
12 _ Altman 8” Fresnels
10 _ Altman 14” Scoops
16 _ Altman R40 Borderlights (6’-0’) w/red, blue, green, amber, roundels
6 _ High End Intellabeams ( 12 gobos, 12colors, programmable w/ audio insert)
Note: (Permanent I-Beam lines are run on the 1st and 3rd electrics; These Lines CANNOT be moved)
2 _ Lycian Super Arc 400 Followspots

Miscellaneous Lighting Supplies

6 _ Boom Stands (used for side fill)
2 _ 8” Mirror Balls
1 _ 20” Mirror Ball
2 _ Pin Spots
22 _ Music Stand Lights (40watt)
1 _ Lightwave F100 Fog Machine
2 _ Flurry S100 Snow Machines
1 _ Six foot ladder
1 _ Genie Lift (Battery Powered) – Extends to 30’-0”

Assorted gobo pattern holders, shutters, donuts, gels and diffusions, safety cables, 2-fers, and Edison plugs are available for most standard applications.

For questions concerning lighting and placements, please check the Stage Lighting / Dimmer Chart included with this technical data information.

Stage Hands

The Paul A. Johnston Auditorium is a non-union house. There are two full time Technical Directors on staff. Part-time technical assistants are available as needed.

OSHA and College Policy

Crosswalks, aisles, and exit areas must be kept clear of equipment and obstacles at all times. Placements of props, sets, video/audio gear, or other stored materials must be approved with the Technical Director.

Sound Equipment (Auditorium)

A Yamaha speaker cluster is located above the proscenium arch. It includes two Altec Lansing model 8156 3156 low frequency loudspeakers, three short throw Altec Lansing MR II 542 Montaray Constant directivity mid/high frequency horns with 908-8-B drivers (38 degree and 22 degree Mean horizontal and vertical dispersion angles) 2kHz to 16kHz and one long throw Altec Lansing MR II 564 Montaray Constant directivity mid/high frequency horn with 908-8-B (60 degree and 40 degree. Horizontal and vertical dispersion angles) 2kHz to 16kHz. For dressing rooms and lobby there are ten Altec Lansing 409T flush ceiling offstage loudspeakers. Video monitors are provided in dressing rooms and lobby with BNC connection at house center. Microphone jacks are provided on stage, in the pit, and in house.

Control Room A

2 _ 1/3 Octave Altec Lansing 1653A equalizers (House settings)
1 _ Altec Lansing 2200A incremental amplifier mainframe
1 _ Altec Lansing 2280A incremental amplifier mainframe
1 _ Peavey PV260 Amplifier (for dressing room speakers)
1 _ Yamaha Dual channel P-2075 amplifier
1 _ Peavey 24 channel SRC 2400 Mixing Console
1 _ Marantz PMD510 (separate A & B) Tape Deck
1 _ Dual disc CD player

Stage & House

2 _ QSC HPR122i 12” Powered Speakers
2 _ Yamaha CW115V 15” Sub Woofers
1 _ Peavey 32 Channel SRC 4034 Mixing Console
1 _ Yamaha 16 Channel M916 Mixing Console
1 _ Peavey 24 Channel SRM 2410 Monitor Board
1 _ Peavey 16 Channel MD Series Monitor Board
1 _ Peavey CS 2000 amplifier
3 _ Peavey CS 1200 amplifier
2 _ Peavey SP2G Full Range Speakers
2 _ Peavey SP118 Sub Woofers
8 _ Peavey 1545TI Stage Monitors
2 _ Yamaha S4115H Sound effects speakers
6 _ Peavey Q341 equalizers
1 _ Peavey Q231 equalizers
1 _ Peavey Deltafex effects processor
1 _ Horizon 24 channel snake (from stage to center of house)
1 _ Horizon 16 channel snake (from center of house to control room A)

Sound Equipment (Miscellaneous)

10 _ Shure SM58 microphones
2 _ Shure SM58S (on/off switch) microphones
6 _ Shure SM 57 microphone
2 _ Shure BG 4.1 microphone
2 _ Shure BG 5.1 microphone
2 _ Shure Beta 52’s
2 _ Shure SM58 Wireless Handheld or Lavaliere Microphone (freq. 606.3 & 603.9)
1 _ Shure L4-CE Wireless Lavaliere (freq. 182)
6_ Sennhieser Evolution Series 100 wireless handheld mic
2_ Sennhieser Evolution Lapel Mic
1 _ Audio Technica AT859 QMLX Cardoid Gooseneck Microphone
4 _ AKG D109 Acoustic Lavaliere
3 _ Peavey RSM-2 Unidirectional Microphone
2 _ Peavey VCM-2 Unidirectional Cardiod Microphone
1 _ Rapco Direct Box (4 units in 1 box)
2 _ Proco DB1 Direct Box
8 _ Boomstands
4 _ Desk stands

Production Intercom System

14 _ Telex Audiocom IC-1F/LS Flush mount headset stations
3 _ Telex Audiocom 1C-SF Flush Mount Speaker Stations
1 _ Telex Audiocom PS-1F Flush Mount Power Supply
10 _ Telex Audiocom PH – 1 Headsets
1 _ Telex Audiocom IC-2MA Control Panel

Hearing Impaired System

1 _ Williams Sound PPAT4 transmitter with antenna
12 _ Williams Sound PPA_R7 receivers for hearing impaired

Other Miscellaneous Equipment

25_ Music Stands (Black)

The Great Hall

Host to an array of functions from dinner banquets to business expos, this area serves many needs in the community. Measuring 40’ x 120’, the lobby has a seating capacity of 325 for banquets and up to 1,000 for standing events. Serving dual rolls, the lobby area is also the main entrance to the auditorium and houses the box office, concession area, public restrooms and storage room.

Lobby Sound Equipment

1 _ Peavey Unity Series 1002-8RQ Mixing Console
1 _ Peavey Q431FM Equalizer
1 _ Peavey PV260 Amplifier
1 _ Single CD Player
1 _ Pioneer CT-W103 Dual Cassette Deck
1 _ Mars Mixer rack/rolling case
8 _ Peavey 2652 Acoustic Speakers

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