Adult High School

Adult High School (AHS) is an Adult Secondary Education program offered cooperatively with Johnston County Public Schools to help adults earn an Adult High School diploma. Students must be at least 18 years old, or withdrawn from high school for 6 months if age 16 - 17. Please contact the representative below for underage paperwork.

Based upon an evaluation of the student's official high school transcript, a student will complete a series of high school level classes for credits towards satisfying the credit requirements needed for graduation as set forth by Johnston County Public Schools and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. To earn an Adult High School diploma, students must transfer and/or complete 22 credits comprised of the following:

  • English: 4 credits
  • Math: 4 credits
  • Science: 3 credits
  • Social Studies: 4 credits
  • Health/PE: 1 credit
  • Elective: 6 credits

To be eligible to transfer into the program, a student must have at least 14 credits and must have 8 credits or fewer remaining to graduate. Students are required to complete their first Adult High School course on JCC's main campus in Smithfield, NC. Subsequent courses will be completed online.

Instruction in the Adult High School program is offered online. However, campus visits will also be required in order to register for classes, complete tests, and at other times deemed necessary by the director or instructor.

For more information please contact:

Jessica Rieger
Department Chair, Academic & Career Readiness
Office: Elsee A131
Phone: (919)209-2065