Basic Skills Programs

Basic SkillsOur Basic Skills programs help adults refresh their reading and math fundamentals, complete a high school credential, or learn English as a second language. Students with intellectual disabilities are served in all of our programs, as most appropriate based upon their assessment scores.

There are four program areas in Basic Skills:

Adult Basic Education
Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a program of instruction designed for adults who need to improve their reading, writing, speaking, problem solving, and computation skills. ABE is available to students with or without a high school diploma that wish to increase or review skills.

High School Equivalency/Adult Secondary Education
High School Equivalency (HSE) or Adult Secondary Education (ASE) is a program of high school level instruction designed for adults seeking to complete high school through one of two program options at the college (Adult High School option or High School Equivalency Diploma option).

English as a Second Language
English as a Second Language (ESL) is designed to help students improve skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English to prepare for employment, citizenship, and to become more involved in community life.

Transition Programs
LEAP-The LEAP (Lessons Enhancing Academic Placement) Program is an exciting program designed to give students a refresher on important concepts and skills that may help them place out of remedial courses or place at a higher level at entry.

STAR-The STAR (Successful Transition and Academic Readiness) Program is an academic initiative designed to strengthen students' skills and performance in remedial English, reading, and math.

All Basic Skills classes are available at no cost to the student and enrollment is open to individuals 18 and older. In certain circumstances, underage students 16-17 years of age may be admitted to the program if certain criteria are met. Please refer to Information for Underage Students for more information.

Placement testing and Orientation is required for entry into all Basic Skills programs. Please refer to Placement Testing and Orientation for more information.

Would you like to start a class in your community?

Would your church or business like to sponsor a new Basic Skills class at your site or in your community? New classes may be established in locations with a minimum of 15 students. For more information about starting a class, please call Jessica Rieger at (919) 209-2065 or email