North Carolina's Career & College Program

North Carolina's Career & College Promise (CCP) Program allows eligible high school students to enroll in college classes at Johnston Community College. Students who successfully complete college courses earn college credit they can take with them after graduation. In many cases, students can also earn dual credit - meeting high school graduation requirements with college courses. Career & College Promise offers high school students options to pursue educational and career goals of their choice using a rigorous yet supportive structure designed to help them become successful through these opportunities:

  • College Transfer - Designed for students planning to continue their educational career beyond high school to eventually achieve an Associate's or Bachelor's degree at a community college or university.

  • Career & Technical Education - Allows students to begin a certification or diploma program in a particular technical field or career area.

Applying to the CCP Program:

No longer accepting applications. Fall 2019 application and recruitment information will be posted in Spring 2019.


***If you do not submit a completed JCC Application Packet by the deadline (October 10, 2018), your application packet will be considered incomplete, and you will not be able to participate in the Career and College Promise Program in Spring 2019***

Step 1: Complete a JCC application at and click on “Apply Now.” Print your Application Agreement Statement as your verification page when you submit the application.  If you do not have a printer, copy the confirmation number.  You will need this number in Step 3.  NOTE: Be sure to (1) select “Career and College Promise” as your entrance status and (2) select your specific chosen pathway on the question that asks for the program of study.

Step 2: Have you and your parent sign your Application Agreement Statement from Step 1, then take your completed page to your CCP representative (See Contact Us on CCP Webpage).

Step 3: Complete the CCP Student Eligibility Form:

Step 4: Contact your CCP representative to finalize your Johnston Community College application packet. (See printable instructions below for specific CCP Application Packet requirements.**) All students must meet with a CCP representative.  Please remember, to be considered for the Career and College Promise Program, you must complete and submit a JCC Application Packet which includes:

  • JCC application (submitted to Admissions Office)
  • JCC Application Confirmation Page (signed by student and parent)
  • Student Eligibility Form (submitted via online form)
  • Transcripts and Test Scores
  • Home School Name and Identification Number (Home school students only)
  • Principal Letter of Support (If accepted under provisional status).
  • Signature of CCP Representative (Homeschool Students, Private School Students, Students Outside of Johnston County Only). 

Once you are accepted to JCC, you will receive a welcome packet with additional instructions to set up an advising/registration appointment as a CCP student.

**Printable instructions to apply can be found at this link: Application Instructions

Any student who has not taken one of the college readiness assessments listed will be required to take the JCC student placement NCDAP assessment. Please request testing when you contact your CCP representative.

Important Dates:

October 10, 2018

Completed application packets must be submitted to a CCP Representative by 5:30pm

Deadline to Submit Application Packets for Spring 2019

November 27

3:00pm - 6:00pm
B108, STEAM Building

November 29

3:00pm - 5:30pm
J1630, Public Safety Building

 Career and College Promise
Advising and Registration for
Spring 2019


For more information, please contact our Career and College Promise Center at or  (919) 209-2034. The Career and College Promise Center is located in the Elsee building on the Johnston Community College main campus.