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QEP Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Quality Enhancement Plan(QEP)?
What is the topic for JCCs QEP?
What is the title of JCC’s QEP?
What is the overall objective of JCC’s QEP?
How will JCC’s QEP improve student learning?
What are the specific measures of JCC’s QEP?
How will improvements in student learning be assessed?
Does JCC’s QEP include specific activities for faculty?

What is a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)?

The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is an action plan that is required as part of the SACS reaffirmation process. The topic of the plan must address an issue that is related to enhancing the quality of student learning at JCC. Developing a Quality Enhancement Plan is also an opportunity for JCC to recognize and improve upon issues that come to light during the school's self assessment.

What is the topic for JCC's QEP?

JCC chose written communication as the topic for our plan. The selection of the topic was made based on input from JCC faculty and students, representatives from the Board of Trustees, members of Johnston County community, student performance results, and current literature research on student attitudes and aptitudes.

What is the title of JCC’s QEP?

JCC’s QEP is entitled On the Write Path.

What is the mission of JCC’s QEP?

The QEP Mission Statement is: JCC’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) will evolve curriculum and coordinate campus resources to empower students with improved written communication.  Our students have a voice, and our QEP will help them discover, sharpen, and employ that voice in their academic, professional, and personal lives.

How will JCC’s QEP improve student learning?

JCC’s QEP will focus on foundational courses like ENG 090 and ENG 111, move writing across disciplines through strategic outreach efforts, while seeking to increase student exposure to best practices by coordinating efforts with The Tutoring and Writing Center.  Resource libraries will be established for students and faculty to readily access valuable materials and to keep abreast of changes in current thinking about writing, including discipline specific concerns.  These libraries will not be limited to Arts and Sciences or Curriculum, but will reflect the dynamic needs and contributions of programs campus wide.   Additionally, the QEP will help create a culture of writing and ensure that JCC celebrates writing as an institution.  Advertising and marketing will play a critical role in raising awareness of the QEP’s mission, and the QEP will launch each semester celebrations of student writing through the “Read This” event.

What are the specific goals of JCC’s QEP?

Faculty committees identified four goals that could most directly improve student writing. The goals, or Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) of the JCC QEP are:

* Students will produce texts that demonstrate an awareness of situation, audience, and tone.
* Students will produce texts that are unified, coherent, and fully developed.
* Students will utilize supplemental resources beyond the classroom to enhance their writing.
* Students will view writing as a process, understand its importance to their academic and
   professional goals, and recognize their improved writing as a result of the JCC experience.

How will improvements in student learning be assessed?

In an effort to achieve the proposed SLOs, JCC plans enhancements in ENG0 90, ENG 111, and the development of writing intensive courses. These enhancements will be assessed by the following measures:

* the Cornerstone and Touchstone Writing Assignments
* the Portfolio method of assessment
* Student Surveys

Assessments will include analysis of both direct and indirect evidence: student writing such as essays and journals; and student responses to surveys.

Does JCC’s QEP include specific activities for faculty?

Yes, faculty development will be an important part of the implementation of the JCC QEP. Faculty members will undergo extensive professional development, centered on best practices in the instruction of writing and the Johnston Community College Principles and Practices of effective writing instruction.



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