Center for Academic Planning

The Center for Academic Planning (CAP) provides advising to college transfer students, pre-medical and special interest students. Additionally, the CAP functions as an information source for degree program requirements, advising and registration. Our primary purpose is to help JCC students accomplish their educational goals, by planning a course of study that is consistent with their objectives.

College and University Information

Program Check Sheets

Associate Degree Programs

Associate in Arts (New CAA 2016)
Associate in Arts (New CAA 2015)
Associate in Arts (New CAA 2014)
Associate in Science (New CAA 2016)
Associate in Science (New CAA 2015)
Associate in Science (New CAA 2014)
Associate in General Education

AGE  Pre-Medical Programs

Associate General Education (Emergency Medical Science)
Associate General Education (Medical & Cardiac Sonography)
Associate General Education (Medical Assisting)
Associate General Education  (Nursing)
Associate General Education  (Pharmacy Technology)
Associate General Education (Radiography)
Associate General Education (Therapeutic Massage)

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Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. -  5:30 p.m.
Friday - Closed
Contact us at (919) 464-2267
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