Writing Studio

Welcome to the Writing Studio at JCC!

The Writing Studio is an informal, comfortable, supportive place to work on your academic writing assignments, digital publications (blogs, wikis, social media), literary competition submissions, transitional (application essays), career search letters and writing for fun!

You're not alone!

Make an appointment with Writing Coordinator Ron Kemp or one of the helpful mentors on staff to help you improve your writing. Becoming a better writer can help you get higher grades, land a job, win scholarships and prize money. Wouldn't it be great to express your ideas easier to entertain, persuade or influence others? Learning the pattern and structure of successful writing can lead you straight to your goals.

Become familiar with our policy and choose from the following to get started:

Academic course assignments - papers, research projects, and essays

Have an essay due in an English class? Working on a research project? Do you have any assignments involving writing? Join a small (5-6) group of other students to create, share, and discuss assignments in the Writing Studio.

Writing for the 21st Century

 Do you know what a wiki or blog is? How about writing for the emerging social media? Want to learn more about writing in and for the future? Then join a cohort of other students in the Writing Studio interested in exploring the New Media. In groups of 5-6, students will learn about and compose for the world of blogs, wikis, and social media in a setting that is productive, collaborative, and participatory.

Transitional Writing
(Business/Resume/College essays etc.)

 Are you preparing to transfer? Is a writing sample required? Are you graduating or getting ready to enter the job market? Do you need to write a cover letter to go with your resume?

Join a group of 5-6 other students planning to transition to another school or to the workforce to develop resumes, letters, and essays, and then share and discuss them in the Writing Center.

Writing for fun

Do you enjoy writing essays? Plays? Stories? Journals? Articles? Join a cohort of other students with similar interests in the Writing Studio. In groups of 5-6, students will create and share their work with others in a collaborative, participatory setting. Come join the fun!


Days: Monday-Thursday
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Make an appointment or just drop in!

(919) 209-2089


Wilson Bldg, room C-1118