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Welcome to the Therapeutic Massage post-information session quiz.

Personal Information

To receive credit for completion of the information session and post-session quiz, please provide the following information. All fields are required and all questions must be answered to submit.


Required to receive email confirmation of completion of information session.



Please select the best answer for each of the following questions.

  1. What is the name of the licensing exam for Massage Therapists?
  2. What is your first step to the application process? .
  3. How many references will you need to apply for the Therapeutic Massage Program?
  4. Therapeutic Massage job opportunities include the following:

  5. How many semesters are required for a Diploma?
  6. A Background Check & Drug Screen are required to enter the program.
  7. Name one course that can be taken before acceptance into the massage program
  8. Who is the JCC staff member you must contact to apply for the massage program?
  9. What semester do students begin the Therapeutic Massage Program?

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