Changing Your Program of Study

student in libraryStudents are permitted to change from one program of study to another program in accordance with changes in their educational and career objectives. Students who wish to change from one program to another program should submit an Add/Change Program form. The form will be evaluated and the student will be notified via email when the change is made.

Students who wish to change from their first program of study to a second program of study without having completed their first program may be approved to so without restriction. However, students who seek a second change in order to attempt a third program must have a minimum cumulative quality point average of 2.0 to be eligible to undertake a third program of study.

Changes of program should be initiated at least four weeks prior to the date of registration. Advisors can assist the student in educational and career planning. Previously earned credit hours approved for transfer are granted toward completion of graduation requirements for the new program of study.