Admissions FAQs

What do I need to do to enroll at Johnston Community College?

You must complete an application and request that official transcripts from high school and/or college(s) be sent directly to the Admissions Office (Johnston Community College, PO Box 2350, Smithfield, NC 27577).  When this information is received, the Admissions Office will contact you regarding possible placement testing or to schedule an interview with a counselor.

Is there an application fee?


Do I need to get an official copy of my high school and/or college transcript(s)?

You must submit your official high school transcript unless you have already graduated with an associate's degree or higher. In this instance, your official transcript from that college or university will be sufficient.

If you have attended another college or university, in many cases, the college transcript is not required for admission. However, without exception, you must submit official transcripts from previously attended institutions if you:

     -Wish to receive transfer credits toward your degree
     -Plan to apply to a medical program
     -Will apply for Veterans Benefits
     -Will play NJCAA athletics

Notes: *High School students that meet RISE Multiple Measures GPA criteria (at the end of the Fall term of their senior year) will be held until final grades are released and transcripts are sent from their High School during the spring term.

**If the original copy of your transcript is written in a non-English language, a certified English translation is required.

How do I get a copy of my high school transcript?

You must request a copy in writing from the last high school you attended and include your signature and social security number.  Make your request using the Request for Transcript form.

I've taken Continuing Education classes. Do I still need to fill out an application?


Can I take classes if I don't have a high school diploma?

Possibly, you will need to contact a counselor.

Can I transfer credits from another college?

Possibly, if the course(s) you completed are the same as the course(s) at JCC and you have a grade of "C" or better.

I've taken classes at JCC before, but it's been awhile.  What do I need to do?

Your first step is to complete a new application and then contact the Admissions Office to determine if your records are still on file.

I don't want to take classes for credit.  What do I need to do?

You must still complete the admissions process, but you may register to audit the classes you wish to take or you may take Continuing Education classes.

What degrees are available at JCC and what are the requirements for the programs?

Program listings provide descriptions and requirements. You may also refer to the current JCC Catalog or view our programs online.

How do I get a copy of the JCC Catalog?

Current and recent Catalogs are available in PDF format online.

How much will it cost for me to go to JCC?

Tuition is set by the N.C. General Assembly. Tuition information is provided for current rates for residents and non-residents and any additional fees.

Will I have to take any tests?

Applicants to the college, beginning in the Fall 2020 term, will be evaluated under the RISE placement policy that considers unweighted high school GPA to determine placement for all students within 10 years of graduation.

 Why do I need an interview with a counselor?

A counselor will assist you with any questions you have, review placement test scores and/or transcripts, and place you into English and math courses.

Does JCC have a new student orientation?

Yes, all new students need to complete New Student Orientation (NSO).  Learn more about NSO!

What kinds of services are provided for students with disabilities?

A variety of services are available for students with qualified disabilities.  Detailed information is available.