Admissions Policy

Johnston Community College operates under the open door admission policy. Any high school graduate or non-graduate who is 18 years of age or older and can benefit by pursuing further education may be admitted to the College, provided application is made and the admission process is completed.

JCC encourages you to complete your high school education before seeking admission to the College.  Counseling and guidance are provided as a part of the admission process to help you establish educational goals and select a program of study appropriate to your interests, aptitudes, and career objectives.

As an applicant for admission, you will be accepted and placed in a program of study based upon general admission standards. If you are applying for certain programs of study, you will be required to also meet specific program admission standards.  For various reasons, you may not be accepted into your intended program, but may instead be accepted into an alternate program.

Admission policies and standards are established upon recommendation of the respective admissions committees and administration and approval of the Board of Trustees. The vice president of student services is responsible for admission of curriculum students and administration of admission policies.

The College is a Service-members Opportunity College serving the voluntary higher education needs of military students.

Students with a felony conviction may have limited certification and employment opportunities.

Admission of Undocumented Immigrants

In accordance with amended regulations prescribed in the State Board of Community Colleges Code 1D SBCCC 400.2 undocumented immigrants may enroll as outlined below.

  • An undocumented immigrant, any immigrant who is not lawfully present in the United States, must have attended or graduated from a United States high school, private high school or home school that operates in compliance with State or local law.
  • An undocumented immigrant with a diploma from an Adult High School located in the United States that operates in compliance with State or local law is also eligible to be admitted.
  • All undocumented immigrants must be admitted as an out of state student for tuition purposes whether or not they reside in North Carolina.
  • Undocumented immigrant students are not eligible for federal financial aid.
  • Students lawfully present in the United States shall have priority over any undocumented immigrant in any class or program of study when capacity limitations exist.