International Student

If you are a citizen of another country and plan to attend Johnston Community College on a government visa, then you are an international student. Follow the enrollment steps below.

(International students are treated as nonresidents of the State of North Carolina with respect to tuition and fees. The College is unable to provide financial aid to international students, therefore, international students must have sufficient funds to cover all living expenses, tuition, and fees while attending the College. Student housing is not provided by the College. International students are expected to make their own arrangements for housing).

NOTE: The application and documentation deadline for international students is March 1st of the year of application.  Any applications that have not been submitted by this date with all required documentation supplied will not be processed for the next Fall semester, which will begin in August.

Step 1: Complete your Residency Determination and Application.

Complete your Residency Determination and online Admissions Application.

Your residency determination, application, and all documentation should be submitted at least six months prior to the date of proposed admission to initiate the admissions process. For questions concerning the admissions process, please call (919) 209-2128 or email

Step 2: Submit all Official academic records.

A certified copy of the original educational records, to include all previous academic experiences, is required. If the original copy of this record is written in a non-English language, a certified English translation is required.

Step 3: Complete the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

TOEFL scores are required of all applicants, except those from countries where English is the official language, as evidence of adequate English proficiency. The minimum acceptable TOEFL score is 550.

Step 4: Placement Testing and Connect Session.

Arrangements must be made to take the placement test and complete a Connect Session prior to being accepted for admissions.

Because of restrictions relative to COVID-19, all JCC Admissions Connect Sessions are only offered online.

Step 5: Financial Statement.

A signed financial statement is required of all applicants. This should be a detailed statement of the applicant’s financial situation, including the amount of resources available per year, source of income, and any other pertinent information. The availability of funds sufficient to meet expenses for the first academic year must be certified. The inclusion of any false information constitutes grounds for dismissal from the College and reporting to SEVIS.

Step 6: Student Medical Form.

A student medical Form, completed and signed by a physician, must be submitted on the Form provided by the College. The student must have completed the hepatitis B series.

Step 7: Responsibility Statement.

Each applicant must supply a certified statement from a United States citizen stating that the citizen agrees to accept responsibility for sponsoring and assisting the applicant as may be necessary for the applicant to pursue his/her educational objectives.

Step 8: New Student Orientation

New students must complete an orientation session.

All new students should sign up for the New Student Orientation prior to the start date of their first semester. The orientation provides information about key services and programs for first year students and helps to establish a foundation for success in the campus community. Students can sign up for Orientation online.

Step 9: Advising

Meet with an academic advisor. Your advisor name and office location is located on your counseling summary form. Your adviser will review your program of study, career goals, and suggest courses for the upcoming term. Make your appointment with your advisor on Appointment-plus.

Prepare for your advising session by reviewing the Advising Syllabus.

Step 10: Registration

You will log in to WebAdvisor to complete your course registration on or after your activation date.

Need help registering? View the WebAdvisor help guide (PDF).

Can’t get logged in? Contact the Jaguar Office of Learning Technologies (JOLT) at (919) 464-2260.

Step 11: Pay for classes

You are responsible for verifying your Financial Aid award or paying for your classes by the payment due date.

Step 12: Get your student ID and Parking Permit

Visit the Learning Resource Center to have your Student ID made. You will pick up your parking permit at the Information Desk in the Wilson Building.

Step 13: Buy your books

Textbooks can be purchased online or at the Campus Bookstore in Wilson C1105.

Step 14. Find your classes

Before the start of the semester, use the Campus Map to find your classes. The college does offer classes at our off campus centers. Make sure you know whether your classes are on the main campus or at one of our centers before the start of the semester.

Step 15: Check in with Designated School Official (DSO) each semester to verify enrollment.

International students are required to meet with the DSO each semester to verify courses and academic status.

Step 16. College Success...Your Path Starts Here!

Visit the current students page for information about the campus, academic resources, clubs and organizations and much more!

Johnston Community College does not discriminate in admissions, employment, or in its administration of educational programs and activities on the basis of age, race, color, sex, national origin, disability, religion, creed, military or veteran status, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.