Vision, Mission, Purpose and Goals


Johnston Community College will be the preferred choice of the communities it serves for quality higher education and training initiatives.

Mission Statement

Johnston Community College provides accessible, high-quality educational and community enrichment opportunities for the successful development of learners.


  1. Ensure Student achievement of academic goals, enhanced employment opportunities, or transfer to four‐year colleges.
  2. Collaborate with appropriate agencies and groups to meet workforce and community needs.
  3. Provide and support personal and cultural enrichment, outreach, and community based programs, activities, and events that reflect the diversity within the community. 


  1. Enhance student success.
  2. Enhance the student experience.
  3. Enhance funding for programs, services, and infrastructure.
  4. Enhance college image to external constituents.
  5. Enhance the organizational climate for employees.

Strategic Plan
Success Measures Baseline Report
Success Measures - Year 1 Report - 2018 - Strategic Planning - 2017-2020

Approved by the Board of Trustees 9-14-16. Effective 2017-2020.