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Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

P.A.C.E. Yourself: JCC’s Next QEP

About P.A.C.E. Yourself

P.A.C.E. Yourself: Progression, Advising, and Campus Engagement in the First Year is JCC’s next Quality Enhancement Plan, or QEP. A QEP is a plan for the next five years designed to enhance student learning and/or student success. We dedicate people, time, and resources to setting goals and assessments for the QEP. The QEP is part of the reaffirmation process through our accrediting body, SACSCOC and its overall purpose is to strengthen the institution and benefit our students.

P.A.C.E. Yourself: A First-Year Experience

A comprehensive First-Year Experience is the topic, with a focus on advising, understanding campus logistics, and engaging with JCC. P.A.C.E. Yourself will foster a sense of community and belonging for JCC students with targeted advising practices, processes to better connect students with campus resources, and increased engagement in activities and organizations on campus.

How P.A.C.E. Yourself Affects JCC Students

First-Year students are defined as any first time, new student to our space (includes transfer and former CCP) coming with the intent of beginning a curriculum instructional pathway. Students that fall under this definition will be the main beneficiaries of P.A.C.E. Yourself. Be on the lookout for information and communications on new initiatives and events specifically for first-year students.

For more information, visit the P.A.C.E. Yourself FAQ page. You may also contact Amanda Zekanis, Director of P.A.C.E. Yourself at


QEP Logo Contest

Submissions for the Logo Contest are over.

Congratulations to Zianna Hodges for winning the 1st place prize and to Parker Bryant for placing 2nd.



The QEP contest guidelines are as follows:

  1. Contestants (any student at JCC willing to participate) will submit their logos to by 5 p.m. on December 3, 2021.

  2. Contestant’s logos will be judged by the following criteria:
    • Design simplicity.
    • Whether it follows the chosen color palette, pixel size, and fonts from the JCC branding manual (included below in this document.)
    • Timelessness.
    • Creativity.
    • Communication of the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

  3. Contest Results: Finalists and the contest winner will be chosen by committee. Cash prizes will be awarded as follows: 1st place: $250, 2nd place: $150, 3rd place: $100.

Judging Criteria and Explanations:

Design Simplicity- Your logo design will be judged on a numeric scale that scores the simplicity of your design. You’ll want to avoid making a logo that looks like a coat of arms. Focus on a logo that is simple enough to be timeless like that of FedEx, Apple, and Nike.

JCC Branding- A color palette is featured in the next page of this document along with the Hexadecimal codes for those colors. Any deviation from the provided colors will result in a low numeric score in this category.

Timelessness- Your logo should be able to stand the test of time and be recognizable to all on campus. Given time, exposure, and marketing, the judges will score this category based on how well they believe the logo will become a recognizable fixture on our campus.

Creativity- We want to see something clever in a logo. If we compare Apple, Nike, and FedEx, the only one of the three with clever elements in their logo is FedEx, whose logo hides an arrow between the ‘E’ and the ‘x.’ Easter eggs hidden in the logo that are not seen upon first glance will be awarded higher marks. Creativity score will also be awarded to attractive and appealing logos subject to the marketing instincts of the judging committee.

Communication of Objective- Our logo is about the JCC Quality Enhancement Plan, P.A.C.E. Yourself: Progression, Advising, and Campus Engagement in the First Year, which is an overarching master plan for improving the quality of JCC student learning, the institution, and instruction. A logo that communicates the importance of the Quality Enhancement Plan in its design elements will be awarded high marks in this category.

Don’t Do- Do not use any elements from existing JCC logos. Do not use anything that is copyrighted. 

Color Palette

The colors of your logo may use the following colors from the JCC Branding Manual. Most photoshop software will allow you to input a hexidecimal value to set your color. You may also choose to copy the image below into your graphic design program and use the dropper tool to capture the color:

JCC Color Pallete

Color Hex Codes:

Blue- #0055b8
Purple- #96368d
Grey- #a4a9ad
Black- #232121

Size and Aspect Ratio

The file size of your logo must be 20Mb or less.

The aspect ratio must be square-ish, meaning slightly rectangular in footprint. 

Px size-

  1. Logo should be close to the following ratios:
    1. 731x600*-preferred res
    2. 293x240-low res
    3. 585x480-SDTV res
    4. 936x768- HDTV res
    5. 1248x1024- DVI res
    6. 2359x1936- 2k res


Contestants using text in their logo are restricted to fonts in the JCC branding manual. Those are:

  1. Open Sans (can be downloaded free online)
  2. Arial
  3. Georgia
  4. Times New Roman