COVID-19 Emergency Response Team

Johnston Community College's COVID-19 Emergency Response Team (COVID-19 ERT) is a taskforce charged by JCC's Emergency Management Team, comprised of a small handful of individuals who work together to focus directly on all matters pertaining to COVID-19 and its impact on JCC operations.  The Team provides regular updates to the College's Emergency Management Team on statistics for COVID-19 cases investigated on campus, news and updates from the governor and local community, and best-practices based on research and observation.  Members perform contact tracing and case management for all reports submitted to the Team regarding a positive diagnosis of COVID-19, a close-contact exposure to another person diagnosed with COVID-19, and/or the presence of COVID-like symptoms.  Cases reported may involve students, employees, children from the Child Development Center, visitors, and/or onsite contractors.

Generally, a member of the COVID-19 ERT contacts the person directly involved to have a COVID-19 Checklist completed as soon as possible.  This checklist assists with determining WHEN the person was last on campus, WHERE they were when last onsite, WHO they may have been in close contact with, and WHAT areas may require disinfection beyond routine cleaning.  Each case is managed with discretion, with communication about details of the case limited to an as-needed basis.

The COVID-19 ERT has worked with the Johnston County Public Health Department and various public safety agencies to provide a public site for COVID-19 testing and vaccinations.  The Team continues to collaborate with the public health department, seeking guidance, as needed, for cases under investigation.

Team members work with stakeholders throughout JCC’s campuses to identify COVID-related signage and plexiglass barrier needs, reduce occupancy rates for classrooms and common areas, limit points of entry to buildings, and adjust for pedestrian crowd control measures to promote physical distancing, thus, reducing the chance of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Members of the Team ensure that classrooms are equipped with disinfectant wipes, key locations are provided with sufficient supplies of face coverings, hand sanitizers are strategically placed throughout buildings and regularly refilled, areas needing humidifier/air purifiers and/or HVAC adjustments are identified, and reports of noncompliance with face covering and/or social distancing protocol are appropriately addressed.

Team members currently include JCC’s Director of Campus Police and Security, Environmental Safety Officer, Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services, and COVID-19 Response Specialist.  The Team is directly supported by JCC’s Emergency Management Team and Administrative Council, who coordinate facility services and information technology needs, communications and marketing, distance education, housekeeping, scheduling and managing special events, align human and equipment resources and funding, safety and security concerns, strategic initiatives, and much more.  With the creation of the COVID-19 ERT and continuous collaboration with the Emergency Management Team, Johnston Community College strives to create and maintain a safe learning and working environment for its students, employees, and visitors.

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