JCC's Neuse River Review Literary Journal

The Neuse River Review is now accepting submissions for its inaugural issue from all North Carolina community college students.

Submissions of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and artwork will be accepted from August 23 through December 6.

North Carolina’s Neuse River, which gets its name from the Neusiok Tribe, meaning “peace,” winds through the central part of the state to the eastern coast, running directly through Johnston County and welcoming students and visitors as they cross the Neuse River Bridge. The Neuse River is home to many endangered wildlife species, creating a sanctuary for creatures that move from saltwater to freshwater, a place for those adaptive and in-between beings, those fighting for survival and persisting through adversity. 

The Neuse River Review is looking for creative works that mirror the aspects of the body it’s named for and that broadly express the values of Johnston Community College and the larger community, works that explore those very human questions that form who we are, works that look to understand the concrete and abstract on a deeper level and push boundaries.

Fiction and nonfiction submissions should be no more than 8,000 words. Poetry submissions should consist of no more than five poems. Art submissions should consist of no more than three pieces of work.

Submissions should be sent to jccneuseriverreview@johnstoncc.edu by 12 a.m. Eastern time on December 6. Please include a student email address with your submission. Files should be attached as .doc, .docx, .png, or .tif file formats. Please contact William Dean at wmdean@johnstoncc.edu with any questions.