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College Organization


Chair: Lyn T. Austin

Vice Chair: Hank Daniels

Current members of the Board of Trustees are listed below:

Governor Appointments
    Robert Bryant Current Term Expires 2022 Clayton
  Suefan Johnson Current Term Expires 2021 Smithfield
  Benton Sawrey Current Term Expires 2019 Clayton
  Joshua Thompson Current Term Expires 2020 Clayton
County Commission Appointments
  Lyn T. Austin Current Term Expires 2020 Clayton
  Hank Daniels Current Term Expires 2019 Smithfield
  Lynn Harloe Ragsdale Current Term Expires 2021 Smithfield
  Allen Mims, Jr. Current Term Expires 2018 Clayton
Board of Education Appointments
  Jonathan Breeden Current Term Expires 2019 Clayton
  Mary Daughtry Current Term Expires 2020 Pine Level
  Haywood Watson Current Term Expires 2020 Kenly
  Douglas V. Oglesby Current Term Expires 2021 Benson
Student Representative Appointed by Student Government Association
  Dylan Anderson Current Term Expires 2019  
Administrative Services
Chief Information Officer Jeff Pickering
Controller David Webb
Director of Purchasing Candice Kirtz
Environmental Safety Officer Brian Strickland
Facility Services Director Michael Massey
Grounds and Housekeeping Supervisor Chris Woodard
Human Resources Director Harlan Frye
Security and Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Sarah Gibbs
Auxiliary Services
Associate Vice President Ken Mitchell
Barnes & Noble Bookstore Manager Andi Burck
Howell Woods Director Jordan Astoske
Executive Director Twyla Casey Wells
Senior Director, Grants Development Daphne Lewis
Instruction Programs
Dean, Business and Applied Technologies Jennifer Servi-Roberts
Dean, Foundational Studies and Academic Support Evelyn Kelly
Dean, Health, Wellness, & Human Services Linda Smith
Dean, Transportation and Public Safety Jamie Wicker
Dean, University Studies and Educational Technologies (USET) Dawn S. Dixon
Dean, Workforce Development and Advanced Technologies Joy Callahan
Director of Academic Enrichment Services Angela Kearney
Director of Advanced Technology Programs Brian Worley
Director of Allied Health & Education Erin Speer Smith
Director of Basic Skills Programs Jessica Rieger
Director of Biotechnology Leslie Holston
Director of Business Education Programs  
Director of Career and College Promise Programs Baretta Haynes
Director of Career Services Letitia Rawlinson
Director of Cosmetology Programs Jennifer W. Wells
Director of Education Programs Tonia Padrick
Director of Emergency Services Mick Stewart
Director of Fire Programs Joseph Behrend
Director of Health Education and Nurse Aide Programs    Connie Grady
Director of Imaging Programs  Ann Jackson
Director of Law Enforcement Programs  
Director of Nursing Education Angela Swank
Director of Post-Secondary Transitions Roxanna McGraw
Director of Programs, English, Humanities and Foreign Languages Tammy Bird
Director of Programs, Humanities and Fine Arts Evelyn Kelly
Director of Programs, Mathematics, Engineering and HEAP Lance Gooden
Director of Programs, Natural, PE and Health Kathleen Lovin
Director of Small Business Center Patricia Killete
Director of Transportation Technology Programs Billy Erskine
Institutional Effectiveness
Executive Director of Planning, Research, Effectiveness, and Strategy Terri S. Lee
Grants Director Daphne Lewis
Senior Director of College Communications Traci Ashley
Marketing Director Fonda Hughes
Director of Digital Communications/Webmaster Dustin C. Gurley
Coordinator of Recruiting and Communications Kendra Arnold
Student Services
Financial Aid Director Betty Woodall
Registrar Deena Henry
Coordinator of Student Engagement & Athletics Derrick Arnold
Director of Student Services Application Systems Ricky Raynor
Director of Enrollment and Student Success Megan Shaner
Coordinator of Counseling Services Thomas Dean
Student Support Services – TRIO Director Felita Carr
Center for Academic Planning Director Cari Drew

B.M.Ed., Campbell University; M.Div., Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ed.D., North Carolina State University.

Vice President of Instruction.
A.A.S., Wayne Community College; B.S., Mount Olive College; M.B.A., Campbell University. Additional study, Nova Southeastern University.

Vice President of Student Services.
B.A., The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.A., East Carolina University; Ed.D., North Carolina State University.

Vice President of Administration, Financial, and Information Technology Resources.
A.A.S., Southeastern Community College; B.S. North Carolina State University; M.B.A., Campbell University; Ed.D., North Carolina State University. Additional study, The Institute of Government at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Harvard University.