Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register for Health Education/Nurse Aide Programs?

    Curriculum NAS courses—See Advisor

    Continuing Education for all courses—complete online orientation for desired program, submit post test at end of online orientation.  Once submitted, the administrative assistant will receive an email which will in turn allow us to reach out to you for a registration appointment.

  • Do I have to be a high school graduate to enter the program?

    You must have a high school diploma, high school equivalency diploma (GED), or reading placement test score.  The reading placement test can be taken at the Academic Skills Center if you do not have a diploma/GED.
  • What items should I have for registration?

    You must have your Driver’s License, Social Security Card, and a copy of Diploma or High School Equivalency Diploma (GED).  A transcript with graduation date or Reading Placement Test Score is also acceptable. Even if diploma/transcript is already on file with the college, an actual copy of the diploma/transcript must be provided during registration.
  • What are the course schedule hours?

    Course dates and times vary. Please see JCC website for details. Enter desired course in search box on website and all information will be displayed for you.
  • What is the dress code for the courses?

    Dress Code Policy – The complete policyis located in handout packet purchased at the Bookstore.  On the first day of class, the policy is reviewed and student signs agreeing to adhere to policy throughout the semester.
    Dress Code Policy Key Points:

    Tops/pants – neat, clean, wrinkle-free Caribbean blue scrub; a solid white shirt may be worn under the scrub top. Pants must fit at the natural waist and be long enough to cover the ankle. Students must purchase a school adopted uniform. This uniform must be worn on the first day and at all times during class, lab and clinical

    Shoes - white non-canvas, closed toe, closed heel

    Socks/Hose - white (no portion of the leg or ankle should be visible)

    Hair - must be neat, clean, and modestly arranged so not to touch the collar;

    Make-up - must be kept to a minimum. Perfumes, colognes are not allowed;

    Nails - must be short, clean, and free of any nail polish or artificial covering of any type

    Tattoos - must be covered

    Jewelry - watch, med.-alert necklace/bracelet, a modest single ring, and a single pair of post earrings in the ears are the only visible jewelry allowed

    Equipment needed – watch with a second hand, stethoscope, Johnston Community College and clinical agency photo ID, black pen
  • Where do students complete their clinical training?

    The clinical site is Johnston UNC Health Care (Smithfield Campus and Clayton Campus) for Nurse Aide and EKG. Phlebotomy clinical sites are facilities that are in Johnston County, as well as surrounding counties.
  • Is CPR required?

    Yes, American Heart Association BLS provider is required for all courses in our programs.
  • Are your programs accredited?

    Yes, all programs are accredited.

  • What is the Castlebranch portal website?

    No code necessary. To purchase background/drug screen and medical document manager, click on link provided and follow directions given to you during registration.
  • Do I have to complete a criminal background check and drug screening?

    Yes, a criminal background check and urine drug screen is required and is reviewed by the clinical sites for clearance.
  • Can the information from a criminal background and/or positive drug screen jeopardize my ability to complete the program?

    Yes. Clinical sites make the decision on clearance. Clinical portion is required for course completion.
  • What other documentation is necessary to complete my medical document manager?

    MMR-Evidence of 2 vaccines or positive MMR titer result

    Varicella-Evidence of 2 vaccines or positive titer

    Hepatitis B-Evidence of 3 vaccines, in the process of receiving the vaccine series, or sign declination form.  If declination form is needed, locate the declination form in your CastleBranch account.  Locate the Hep B declination form by clicking on Hepatitis B on your to do list making a drop-down box appear.  Click on the download file to print declination form.  Sign and date the form.  Upload the completed form back to CastleBranch.  You can also find the form by clicking on this link declination form (PDF).

    TB skin test-2 step method required or Quantiferon TB Gold test.  If you do the 2 step method, you must get 2 TB skin tests one to three weeks apart.  This means you get a TB skin test placed and read, and one to three weeks later, you will have another TB skin test placed and read.

    Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (Tdap)-Vaccination that must be current which means administered to you in the last 10 years.

    Covid vaccine(s) required by the clinical agencies.  You may file a medical exemption.  The medical exemption has to be signed by a medical provider (Physician/PA or Nurse Practitioner).  Medical exemptions are reviewed, and if not approved, Covid vaccines must be obtained by requirement deadline.

    Influenza (Flu) vaccine-administered to you during the current flu season.

    Physical Examination-current (in the last year) physical.  Our physical form must be used.  To locate your physical form, sign in to your CastleBranch account once created, click on Physical Examination located on the to do list, a drop-down box will appear, and click on download file to print the form.  Make sure you have this form before going to the doctor to have your physical completed.  You can also find the form by click on this link Annual physical examination (PDF).

    BLS/CPR-current, American Heart Association BLS card (card is current for 2 years).
  • When is the documentation (background check, drug test and complete medical document manager) due?

    On the first day of class.

    Please have the following documents to give to your instructor on the first day of class to show the requirements have been met:
    •             Background Confirmation Email
    •             Urine Chain of Custody Form
    •             To Do List Summary from Castle Branch-see directions below on how to print

          How To Print Your “To-Do List Summary Report”
        Please complete the following steps to print out your To-Do List Summary Report:

  1. Log in to your Certified Profile account.
  2. From the main page, navigate to the left panel and choose "Document Center" and then select "My Documents" from the drop-down list. This will show you a list of folders.
  3. Click on the folder labeled “Clinical Requirements ____” (Following the Clinical Requirements will be two letters followed by two numbers. These will be different for each program.)
  4. Locate the file named "Results_901...........pdf" (Every student's number in this file name will be different). Click on the file name.
  5. Click on the orange DOWNLOAD button on the right under the file name (You may need to scroll the window over to the right to see the button).
  6. You will then need to save and print the summary report.
  7. Give the To-Do List Summary Report and give it to your instructor on the first day of class.