Horticulture & Beekeeping

The JCC Arboretum offers a variety of Personal Enrichment and Professional Development courses. 

There are two ways to register for Horticulture and/or Beekeeping classes:

  1. Paying for class with debit/credit card:clematisComplete your registration online through Self-Service
    Scroll down - Click 'Continuing Education Instant Enrollment'
    In Course Code box, type 'Beekeeping' (click Search at the bottom of the page)
    Click 'Select' button next to the class you wish to attend,
    Then Add Section (class will  be added to cart)
    Click 'Next' and follow prompts from there to complete registration and make payment

  2. If paying for the class by mail
    Print the CE Registration Form
    Complete ALL highlighted sections and submit with payment to the mailing address listed on the top of the registration form. Please note: This method will be slower, and your requested class may not be available when the form arrives.

Learn the Basics of Beekeeping

Entry Level Beekeeping

This is the entry level for the beginning beekeeper. In order to be tested and become a certified beekeeper, you must:

  • Be a current NCSBA member.
  • Pass a written test, which is administered through a local NCSBA chapter or given at one of the statewide conferences or testing events.
  • Pass a practical test administered by a Certified Level Beekeeper or higher, as presented in the “Practical Examination” form. A minimum of four months beekeeping experience is needed prior to taking practical test.
  • The Practical test will only be valid if given after the candidate successfully passes the Certified Level written exam.
Date(s) Day(s) Time Location Fee Notes
SEF 3001
May 26 - 
July 28, 2022
Thursday 6:00 pm - 
8:00 pm
JCC Main Campus

Required Items
needed for class:
Bee Jacket


For more information regarding Beekeeping please contact:
Robbie Carver
(919) 209-2127