Registration Fees

Occupational extension courses carry registration fees as follows (subject to change):

Course Length Fee CAPS Fee
1-24 Hours $70 $5
25-50 Hours $125 $5
51+ Hours $180 $5

Technology fees for computer courses only are as follows and are not exempt:

Hours Fee
1-10 Hours $1
11-20 Hours $2
21-30 Hours $3
31-40 Hours $4
41+ Hours $5

Explanation of Fees

Technology Fee

The technology fee supports the procurement, operation, and repair of computer and other instructional technology, including the supplies and materials that support the technology. This permits the College to purchase computers and other technology, hire support positions to operate and maintain this technology, and buy the necessary supplies and materials for operations.

Campus Access, Parking and Security (CAPS) Fee

The Campus Access, Parking and Security (CAPS)  fee supports the construction and maintenance of campus parking lots and roads. In addition, it supports Campus Police, Security Guards and Jaguar Alerts to ensure a safe campus. The CAPS fee is non-refundable after the semester and/or course begins.

*Note: ed2go courses do not charge the CAPS fee.

Additional Fees

Some courses (e.g., Computer, CNA, Phlebotomy, Cardiovascular Technology) may require the payment of a nominal technology, liability or lab fee. Students will be notified of the fee at time of registration.

Fee Exemptions

Students who are fire department personnel, law enforcement officers, and volunteer rescue squad personnel, may be exempt from the registration fee of classes within their job-related areas. An exception would be self-supporting courses where ALL students must pay the registration fee. Basic skills students are exempt from registration fees.

Self-Supporting Courses

Self-supporting course fees vary and are dependent upon the length and nature of each course. Due to the nature of self-supporting courses, all students pay a registration fee. Courses offered as self-supporting (course codes beginning in CSP or SEF) are not eligible for a refund as these programs are funded by registration fees collected.