Pharmacy Tech Student is Academic Excellence Winner

Published: May 7, 2018

Adina Harris is one of 58 students receiving the state award.

Adina Harris is JCC’s 2018 Academic Excellence Winner.Adina Harris hopes the example she is setting as a college student is a positive influence on her four children.

“I’ve worked really hard to show my kids the importance of a college education,” she said. “I hope my experience motivates them to do well in school.”

Harris, 33, is a student in the pharmacy technology program at Johnston Community College. She will graduate May 14 with her associate’s degree. A Newton Grove resident, Harris is also the 2018 Academic Excellence Award recipient. She is one of 58 students at NC Community Colleges receiving awards for excellence in the classroom.

Harris became interested in a career in the pharmacy setting while working as a clerk at Thomas Drug.

“I was already working in the pharmacy and I was interested in going back to school. I’ve really enjoyed learning about different medicines and how to dispense them,” she said.

In her degree program, Harris has gotten experience working in different clinical settings. She says she likes community pharmacies the best. “I really enjoyed going to the different clinical sites, and seeing the differences in hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy was really interesting to me.”

Harris thanked her instructors Greg Garris and Julie Rose for making sure students understood the curriculum.

“Dr. Garris and Dr. Rose talked to us a lot about their experiences,” she said. “They take the time to show us how to do things properly, make IVs, hold the syringe and vial correctly and make sure there is no contamination. Dr. Garris would also take time to stop and explain how a drug works, especially in pharmacology.”

Harris is currently working part-time at Thomas Drug in Dunn. She hopes to find a full-time job after graduation. She will be recognized as the JCC Academic Excellence Award recipient at graduation.

Cut line: Adina Harris is JCC’s 2018 Academic Excellence Winner.

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