JCC offers Classes to help Unemployed North Carolinians Get Back To Work

Published: Monday, January 4, 2021

Job SearchFees are waived for three classes for unemployed/underemployed North Carolinians 

North Carolinians who are unemployed or underemployed can look to Johnston Community College for fee-waived workshops and classes to help them get back to work. The classes are part of the Human Resource development (HRD) program and are focused on raising the employability of the North Carolina workforce.

            “The Human Resource Development workshops are an opportunity not to be missed for someone who is interested in learning something completely new or brush up on skills not used in a while. JCC has fantastic instructors for our HRD workshops who are truly dedicated to our students and have a reputation for going above and beyond providing individual attention to participants” said Roxanne Curry, the Directory of Human Resource Development courses.

Skills for Success is a three-hour workshop focused on adding motivation and positivity to your job search. It covers basic techniques such as how to format a resume, composing and delivering a 30 second personal commercial, and answering difficult questions during an interview. Instructor Dr. Larry Woods says “Job searching isn't just about applying for jobs and hoping to get called for an interview anymore. Few people are able to simply put in an application, get an interview, and land a job in today's competitive, network-driven job market. The most successful job seekers utilize a variety of strategies, from establishing a social presence to targeting companies, to help them stand out from the crowd. After taking this workshop you will develop a strategic action plan for your career opportunity success which will expedite your search, find connections who can lend a hand, get your resume noticed, and ace your interviews so you get job offers. Let me help you get your dream job!”

Land It! Advanced Job Search Skills is focused on lesser-known techniques for finding jobs, networking online, and getting your resume past the Artificial Intelligence Systems that can disqualify you for jobs that you are truly qualified for. “The biggest obstacle my students are facing right now is getting their resume past the computer screening systems and in front of a human being. Knowing how to word things and set up your resume to reach the humans behind the computer is key to landing the interview.” says Instructor Kelly Phillips.

Phillips also teaches a three-week course called How to Make Money When You Don’t Have a Job. In this class, students learn dozens of methods for making money that do not require being hired by an employer. “The economy has changed drastically over the past year and stability in a full-time job is very difficult to find. Fortunately, opportunities to earn income independent of a job are everywhere, you just need to learn how to tap into them. In this class we cover how to combine various income streams into a full-time or a side income that can help keep you financially sound.” Phillips says.

All three classes are taught online and are open to any North Carolina resident. More workshops are being planned for 2021 so check periodically for additions. Skills for Success and Land It! are offered in partnership with NC Works and can be registered for through your NC Works online calendar or at the JCC website at https://www.johnstoncc.edu/employability-skills/ or by emailing recurry@johnstoncc.edu. How To Make Money When You Don’t Have A Job can be registered for online at https://www.johnstoncc.edu/continuing-education/business-education-computer-classes.aspx

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