Johnston Community College Receives Over $645,000 Grant from National Science Foundation for Innovative Cyber Technician Training

Published: April 29, 2024

JCC was awarded the National Science Foundation (NSF) funds to develop a state-of-the-art cyber range training environment

Smithfield, N.C., (April 29, 2024) – Johnston Community College (JCC) has been awarded $645,836 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to establish a cutting-edge Simulated Cyber Range Training Environment. This initiative aims to bolster the college's cybersecurity program, providing students with hands-on experience crucial for success in the rapidly evolving field of cyber technology.

The grant will enable JCC to develop a state-of-the-art facility equipped with advanced simulation technology, allowing students to engage in realistic cyber threat scenarios. By replicating real-world cyberattacks in a controlled environment, students will gain invaluable practical skills in detecting, mitigating, and responding to various cybersecurity challenges.

“We are honored to receive this generous grant from the National Science Foundation, which underscores our commitment to providing our students with the best possible education in cybersecurity,” says JCC President Dr. Vern Lindquist.

Photo of Ryan Bradshaw, David Oliver, Daphbe Lewis, Brian WorleyCutline (L to R): Cyber Tech Grant Writing Team: Ryan Bradshaw, Department Chair of Business Education & Technology; David Oliver, Networking Technology Instructor; Daphne Lewis, Director of Grants; Brian Worley, Associate Vice President of Business, Industry, Logistics, and Transportation 

“With the establishment of the Simulated Cyber Range Training Environment, we will be able to offer hands-on training that mirrors the complexities of today's cyber landscape, ensuring that our graduates are well-prepared to meet the demands of the industry," Lindquist added.

The Simulated Cyber Range Training Environment will not only benefit JCC students but also serve as a resource for the broader community, including local businesses and organizations seeking to enhance their cybersecurity capabilities. Through partnerships and outreach initiatives, JCC aims to promote cybersecurity awareness and contribute to the overall cybersecurity posture of the region. JCC is also a member of the Carolina Cyber Network.

Guided by industry feedback on talent pipeline concerns and diversity, the project will facilitate hiring skilled female candidates by employers and offer opportunities to individuals with backgrounds in IT/cyber. JCC will also host workshops for interested female high school students and to offer them assistance from mentors in the field.

This NSF grant represents a significant milestone for Johnston Community College, highlighting its commitment to innovation and excellence in cybersecurity education.

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