Tuition, Fees and Expenses

Johnston Community College, a member of the North Carolina Community College System, offers educational opportunities at low cost to the student. Tuition rates are established by the General Assembly of North Carolina.  The activity and technology fees are set by the Board of Trustees in accordance with policy established by the State Board of Community Colleges.

Tuition and fees are payable at the beginning of each semester and are subject to change without notice. The cost of textbooks and supplies is an additional expense and varies with the program of study.

A student is considered to be officially registered only after all tuition, fees, and other charges have been paid in full or acceptable arrangements for third party billing have been approved by the Business Office.

Students who have incurred indebtedness to the College, including unpaid bills and overdue book fines, will not be allowed to register until cleared by the appropriate official of the College.

For purposes of financial aid, a full-time student is defined as one who is registered for 12 or more semester hours of course work.  A part-time student is one who is registered for less than 12 semester hours of course work.

The rate of tuition charged for auditing a course is the same as the rate charged for taking the course for academic credit.