Entrepreneurship Certificate (C25120C3)

Program Description:

The world is moving faster every day and great business ideas won’t wait!  With classes available online, the new Entrepreneurship Certificate is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of turning ideas into business models!  Students will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to navigate challenges normally faced by entrepreneurs. Best of all, it can be completed in one semester!

Students will learn how to turn business ideas into sound business models.  Graduates will have a firm understanding in the key areas most important to new businesses.

Entrepreneurship 1 & 2: Taking great ideas and turning them into Business Models!
Social Media Marketing: How to market your new Business!
Accounting: Understanding the numbers and improving efficiencies!
Business Analytics: Understanding opportunities and growing your business!

New students should complete the College Admissions process. Current students should meet with their Academic Advisor for consultation.

Technology requirements:
Students should have access to a basic computer (desktop or laptop).  Most course work will be completed through online platforms.

Students interested in turning ideas into sound business models. Individuals passionate for filling market gaps should consider this degree.  Examples of individuals who should consider this but not limited to:

Trade students: Welding, HVAC, Plumbing, etc

Transfer students: Some of the best business ideas happened while pursuing a 4-year degree!

Undecided students: Not sure what you want to do for the rest of your life and don’t want to spend much time figuring it out? Spend a semester learning about different industries and turning ideas into business models!

Anyone interested in Business or wants to explore an business Idea they have.

As a community college, JCC recognizes the need for an affordable and fast pathway that provides individuals with the means to navigate the challenges of turning an idea into a business model.  With so much uncertainty in today’s economy, individuals need options that can be completed all online and in just one semester.  Graduates will walk away with confidence in the key areas most important to new businesses.

Graduates will learn how to turn business ideas into sound business models. As well as improve current business models with the knowledge and skills learned in the key areas most important to new businesses.

As a state funded community college, the Entrepreneurship Certificate is considered a low-cost pathway. Students attending can expect to spend far less than competing 4-year institutions, for-profit or online only institutions. It is recommended that students meet with JCC’s Financial aid assistance department (students should complete FASA and meet with a Financial aid advisor for full qualifications). For complete tuition cost, please refer to the college’s official tuition rates. 

Individual interested in the new Entrepreneurship Certificate should follow the steps below:

Online and One Semester:

Course Class Hours Lab Hours Clinical Hours Credits
BAS 120 - Introduction to Analytics 2.00 3.00 3.00
BUS 139 - Entrepreneurship I 3.00 3.00
BUS 245 - Entrepreneurship II 3.00 3.00
MKT 232 - Social Media Marketing 3.00 2.00 4.00
ACC 120 - Principles of Financial Accounting 3.00 2.00 4.00
Total: 17

Program Contact:

  Mr. Nicholas Ogada
  Business Administration Faculty

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