• How long does it take to earn the Digital Media Technology Degree?
    If you are taking 5-6 classes each semester (Fall, Spring) you could expect to complete the degree within two years.

  • Do I need prior Graphic Design knowledge to be successful in the degree?
    No, the degree is designed to provide the technical skills needed to complete the pathway.

  • Do you offer anything I could finish in one semester in Digital Media Technology?
    Yes, through continuing education, JCC offers fast and accessible classes for individual looking to gain quick skills. Contact Ken Robol for more information. 

  • Can I get started in the pathway if I’m still in High School?
    Yes, please visit our CCP page for additional information.

  • Will you offer additional certifications in the future?
    Yes, in collaboration with Industry partners, JCC is reviewing options for additional certifications.  Please see our website for updates in the near future.