Career & College Promise Program at JCC

Career & College Promise (CCP) allows eligible high school students to enroll in college classes at Johnston Community College (JCC). CCP offers high school students options to pursue educational and career goals using a rigorous yet supportive structure.

  • TUITION-FREE JCC CLASSES- The savings are REAL - check it out! (ONLY tuition is waived by the State of NC. Students are financially responsible for all other course fees and materials.)
  • COLLEGE CREDITS - Successfully completing JCC courses means building a college transcript. Students may earn dual credit (pdf) to meet high school graduation requirements with those same JCC courses.
  • 5 COLLEGE TRANSFER PATHWAYS- Earn credits towards a bachelor's degree.
  • 22 CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION PATHWAYS - Earn a certificate or diploma in one of our 22 technical field or career areas.

CCP College Transfer PathwaysCCP Career & Technical Education Pathways