Non-Johnston County Public Schools Participants

Non-Johnston County Public Schools' (non-JCPS) students are welcome to participate in the Career and College Promise Program at Johnston Community College. This includes home, private, and charter school students, as well as those outside of Johnston County. Non-JCPS students are subject to the same eligibility requirements as Johnston County Public Schools' students.

APPLYING -  New or inactive* students are required to do all of the following by the published deadline in order for their CCP application packet to be considered for acceptance.
Link to

  1. Apply to Johnston Community College (JCC)
  2. Complete Career & College Promise (CCP) Student Eligibility Form
  3. Complete Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - Non-JCPS
  4. Submit the following to

*Accepted previously but skipped two or more consecutive Fall/Spring semesters.

RETURNING - Current [active] CCP students continuing in the program are required each semester to provide an updated high school transcript to the CCP Team at