Public Safety Administration

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Program Description

The Public Safety Administration curriculum is designed to provide students, as well as practitioners, with knowledge and skills in the technical, managerial, and administrative areas necessary for entrance or advancement within various public safety and government organizations.

Course work in diverse subject areas includes public safety administration and education, interagency operations, crisis leadership, government and agency financial management, professional standards, incident management, administrative law, and supervision, while providing a streamlined pathway that recognizes the value of previously earned skill sets and credentials within the public safety sector.

New students should complete the College Admissions process.  Current students should meet with their Academic Advisor for consultation.  Technology requirements: Students should have access to a computer with the minimum requirements listed below:

512 GB Hard Drive
Core i5 or AMD FX 4300 Ryzen processor

The Public Safety Administration (PSA) program allows working professionals to build a strong foundation in emergency management systems at federal, state, and local levels. The PSA curriculum is designed to provide students, as well as practitioners, with knowledge and skills in the technical, managerial, and administrative areas necessary for entrance or advancement within various public safety organizations.

Are you a well trained and experienced emergency service responder? (Fire, EMS) Looking for that mid/upper level management promotion? Let Johnston Community College turn your training into college credits applied to the brand-new Public Safety Administration degree designed for emergency services personnel. Classes are available completely online!

Public Safety Administration is a two-year degree where more and more opportunities are coming available that a two-year degree will benefit an emergency responder or someone wanting to get into the Public Safety field. In emergency service systems; such as, fire, EMS, criminal justice, a two-year degree could advance your career. Once you complete a two-year degree you can transfer to a four-year university to better in the profession.  

Employment opportunities exist with fire or police departments, emergency management organizations, governmental agencies, industrial firms, correctional facilities, private industries, insurance organizations, educational organizations, security and protective organizations, and through self-employment opportunities.

Fundamental competencies that address soft skills vital to employability, personal, and professional success are listed below.
  1. Interpersonal Skills and Teamwork: The ability to work effectively with others, especially to analyze situations, establish priorities, and apply resources for solving problems or accomplishing tasks.
  2. Communication: The ability to effectively exchange ideas and information with others through oral, written, or visual means.
  3. Integrity and Professionalism: Workplace behaviors that relate to ethical standards, honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, self-control, criticism and demeanor.
  4. Problem-solving: The ability to identify problems and potential causes while developing and implementing practical action plans for solutions.
  5. Initiative and Dependability: Workplace behaviors that relate to seeking out new responsibilities, establishing and meeting goals, completing tasks, following directions, complying with rules, and consistent reliability.
  6. Information processing: The ability to acquire, evaluate, organize, manage, and interpret information.
  7. Adaptability and Lifelong Learning: The ability to learn and apply new knowledge and skills and adapt to changing technologies, methods, processes, work environments, organizational structures and management practices.
  8. Entrepreneurship: The knowledge and skills necessary to create opportunities and develop as an employee or self-employed business owner.

As a state funded community college, the Public Safety Administration two-year degree is considered a normal cost degree.  Students attending can expect to spend far less than competing 4-year institutions, for-profit or online only institutions.  The Public Safety Administration degree qualifies for Financial aid assistance (students should complete FAFSA and meet with a Financial aid advisor for full qualifications). For complete tuition cost, please refer to the college’s official tuition rates. 

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