Tutoring Services

The goal of the Academic Skills Center is to provide high-quality academic support to currently enrolled Johnston Community College students with its 35+ professional tutors. To serve our large and diverse student body, the Center delivers academic support in following formats.

Virtual Tutoring

Virtual tutoring is provided via Zoom. Students must download Zoom Basic which is free. Students must have both video and audio capabilities enabled for the duration of the tutoring. For privacy purposes, use of free Zoom backgrounds is encouraged. Students may utilize virtual tutoring up to 2 hours per day. To learn more about virtual tutoring and the hours of availability per course, students should contact the Academic Skills Center.

In-Person Tutoring

Reservations are made for 75-minute sessions up to 4 times per week.  In-person tutoring is available for high-demand subjects such as the following courses: English, Math, Science, Physics, Biology, History, Political Science, etc. Others are offered and more are available by request. Students are encouraged to contact the Center before making a reservation to confirm the availability of tutoring for that course on a specified day and time.

Students must reserve a table or computer for in-person tutoring through the JCC Library website.
Click here to watch a how-to video on making a reservation.

Social distancing will be practiced before/during/after interaction with a tutor; all students are required to wear a mask (covering the nose and mouth) during their stay in the Center.


SmarThinking is a free online tutorial service available 24/7 to JCC students through their BlackBoard accounts. Over 60 subjects are available for online tutoring. Subjects include but are not limited to the following: Writing, Biology, Algebra, Statistics, Calculus, Business, Economics, Spanish, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, and MS Office applications. Students have 8 hours of access to SmarThinking per semester. Essay and research paper hours are calculated based on the length of the written submission.

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Select the course for which Smarthinking will be utilized
  • Click on "Tools" (left, green-shaded area)  
  • Click on “SmarThinking” icon

SmarThinking is a professional tutoring service provided by JCC.  For technical assistance, students may contact SmarThinking’s Customer Support at support@smarthinking.com or (888) 430-7429 ext. 1 (Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. ET).