Financial Aid News and Updates

Financial Aid Information for Summer 2022

View Your Award
Students may access their financial aid awards and/or any outstanding requirements by accessing the link to “Financial Aid Self Service” from WebAdvisor/Self-Service.  Detailed instructions are located at

Students enrolled full-time (12 hrs) Fall and Spring will not have any Pell funds remaining for Summer unless they enrolled at least half-time (6 hrs) for summer then they may be eligible for additional Year-Round Pell depending on their EFC score and other eligibility requirements. 

Students that do not have Financial Aid posted to their account must either pay out of pocket or they may set up a Tuition Payment Plan at

Last day to pay for Priority Registration: May 4th

Last day to pay for Final Registration: May 13th

*Remember for Financial Aid and/or VA enrollment status

Any courses that do not count toward a student’s current program of study will not be used to determine enrollment status for Financial Aid and/or VA unless they are eligible remedial courses.  Fast Track courses must be registered for by the 10% point of the semester (May 19th) to be included in enrollment hours for financial aid purposes.

Book Loan Information
We will start processing Book Emergency Loans beginning on May 4th. Students needing a Book Emergency Loan must have applied for Financial Aid and be in good standing as far as their Satisfactory Academic Progress (2.0 GPA and have passed 67% of classes taken). Students must have already registered and must have submitted all requested documents before they come to Financial Aid. The Datatel system will not allow us to process an emergency loan until the student has registered and the student's tuition payment has been covered.

Students with Book Emergency Loans can begin charging books on the same dates as all other Financial Aid students. See Below.

Charging Books in the Bookstore

All Financial Aid Students and/or Sponsored Students (including those that completed Early Registration) may charge books against their Financial Aid in the Bookstore on the following dates:

May 13th – May 19th: During Normal Bookstore Hours
May 19th is the last day to charge books against your Financial Aid including Fast Track courses.
Student ID is required. 
Class Schedules can be printed from WebAdvisor/Self-Service

Important: Out of stock books must be pre-charged against your Financial Aid on the last two days to charge May 18th and 19th. A charge slip must be completed. There will be NO book charges after May 19th (no exceptions).

Financial Aid Disbursements and Refunds
Summer 2022 Financial Aid payments will be based on enrollment at the 10% point of the semester (May 19th). Refunds will be available beginning on June 13th. Financial Aid payments for any course that does not start at the beginning of the semester will not be paid out until after the course has started and attendance has been verified. There will be no in-person pick up for refunds.  

You should be receiving your Refund Selection Kit from BankMobile in the mail if you have not already received one.  Disbursement of Funds will depend on the preference you select. Please go to www.RefundSelection.comto select your refund preference if you have not already done so. You may contact the Business Office if you have questions regarding your refund options.

Important Note for Financial Aid Students and/or Sponsored Students regardless of when you register for classes:
Students who have Financial Aid posted to their WebAdvisor/Self-Service account do not need to report to the Business Office unless they are also sponsored students (WIA, VA, VR, VOC REH, etc.) that have not already submitted a written authorization to the Business Office. Students with authorization forms from sponsors (WIA, VA, VOC REH, ESC, etc.) are required to turn forms in to the Business Office by the advertised payment deadline. A student ID and a copy of their schedule is required to go to the bookstore. May 19th will be the last day to charge books.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

SAP APPEALS for Summer 2022 are due by:

  • May 13th at noon. ** SAP Appeal Committee meets May 16th. 
    • If appeal denied, must pay by May 24th.

Denial/Approval of Appeal
If appeal is denied, the student must pay any outstanding balance to the Business Office by the dates listed above. If the student disagrees with the decision, he/she may appeal in writing to the Vice President of Student Services.

If an appeal is approved, the student will be on academic probation and must go on an academic plan. **SAP Appeal Committee will continue to meet the last Monday of the month starting in June 2022. ** Appeals are due the Wednesday before the committee meets at noon.